Queen Bee

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royal queen
queen's smoosh face
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Pic of queen bee

Age: 7
Weight: 95
Location: Baltimore, MD
Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux
Nicknames: Big Mama
Good with other dogs?: Yes.
Good with cats? No. She cannot live with cats.
Good with children? she has not lived with kids but spent some time with two under 10 and did very well but a chaotic, loud, busy house would not be a good fit for her
Activity Preference: Will go with the flow
IQ: Smart
Queen’s favorite things: you waking up in the morning, attention (once she trusts you), being talked to
Queen is good at: meeting dogs, behaving in the house, walking on a leash, being respectful to her person
Ideal home: another dog, quiet environment

Meet Queen Bee

There are two Queens. The first one is a shy, timid, somewhat scared dog. When she’s not in her own environment where she’s comfortable, she wants to curl up and disappear.

The second one? Ohhh, boy is it worth it to be patient for the second Queen. Once Queen warms up to you–which may be a day or two–she is a sweet love. She asks for very little from humans. Some attention, affection, kind words, and of course all the normal care. She loves greeting you in the morning. She begins checking if you’re up about 2 hours before you need to be up so when it finally happens, it’s a dream come true for her. Although she is overall a very calm, mild mannered dog, she can kick into action when she’s happy about you coming home or feeding. She is not inclined to get up on furniture especially if there’s somewhere soft and comfy on the floor.

As for the constant question with DDBs, she is not super drooly. She’ll get some spaghetti strings if she’s exercising a lot and occasionally after drinking. Otherwise, she’s pretty tight lipped.

What kind of family would we like to find for Queen?

  • Another dog. Required! Being around other dogs gives her confidence. She follows one of her foster brothers around the house.
  • A playful yet somewhat gentle dog. Despite her size, she does not like super rough, gladiator-style play. She does love play though and sparring heads with another dog.
  • A quiet house. By this we mean not one that has a lot of new people coming in on a regular basis. She needs time to warm up to everyone, particularly adults, particularly men. She does not seem to be bothered by the noise of kids playing, jumping, yelling. But she would be horrified if she had to meet new adults on a regular basis.
  • One that’s comfortable cleaning her mouth. She has a very exaggerated upper gum ridge. Hair and stuff likes to gather there. Every few days (or more) she needs that stuff wiped away so that she does not knock you out with her breath!


Queen’s Story

Queen’s owner died and no one in the family was able to keep her. She ended up at the shelter. Although she had been loved, she needed some medical attention. She had entropian (curled inward eye lids) and moles around her eyes. Those were fixed as well as having some bad teeth removed. She’s a healthy girl who needs a lil bit of continued TLC to restore her previous royal look. She’s come a long way since the shelter!

QB has slight dry eye in one eye. Regular application of an eye wash is helpful. (This is simple and inexpensive.)