Princeton – ADOPTED!

Princeton - ADOPTED!

Weight: 130
Location: Newtown, PA
Nicknames: P, P-town
Good with other dogs?: Yes.
While he comes on strong, if you can get past the first 10 minutes he is great with other dogs, he is however much larger than a lot of his playmates and walking pals (He has a special 6:45 AM walking pack and would love to keep up that ritual)
Clara a mini bulldog mix and Jazz a Labrador who are middle aged but tolerate his antics and when running into other dogs at the park he only wants to make new playmates.
Good with cats? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with a cat
Good with children? OK for kids over: 13
Activity Preference: Needs a couple walks a day., Needs in-house activities, Up for a long hike any day., other: Shuts down when is gets dark and literally drags his feet but needs activity during the day.
IQ: Smart
Princeton’s favorite things: Princeton lives for his morning pack walk! He greets everyone like they are the most exciting and special people and dogs in the world. He usually loves to carry a big stick during his walk. He loves car rides especially to the park! Food. Food is his other favorite thing. He cries waiting for his meals and makes you feel like you are the best chef ever! He is not food aggressive at all but just very excited!
Princeton is good at: meeting people, meeting dogs, going for car rides, making me feel safe, walking on a leash, cuddling, catching balls/frisbee, following commands
Ideal home: another dog, someone at home most of the day, a fenced yard, Lots of exercise opportunities
Training Needs: needs obedience training, other: When walking alone with Princeton he is perfect on a leash. When on a pack walk he does like to take opportunities to play with other dogs and drop down and roll in the grass.
Health issues: He had a surgery when he first came into rescue he was limping and had an ununited-anconeal-process which is a tiny bone removed from his elbow. He doesn’t limp at all now and can walk forever if the weather is not too hot. He tires easily in the heat. Read about the surgery here: He no longer has that little annoying bone in his elbow.

Meet Princeton

Princeton is a 130 pound puppy and behaves just like any other puppy but doesn’t know his size. He does get bursts of energy where he might jump on you and while it may be cute for a small or medium sized dog to to that, it’s not that cute when he is much taller than you so continued training is a must. He is not aggressive AT ALL but too much for children. Exercise helps keep that under control but if there are a couple of rainy days he needs activities.

During the day he may take things in the house and think they are his toys like toilet paper and magazines.
As soon as the sun goes down Princeton is another dog. He actually shuffles his feet to go outside for his last potty break.

Princeton is not crated except for meal time and is fine in a crate for short periods of time but gets frustrated in a crate.

He sleeps in his chair every night and is a good boy.