Weight: 55

Location: Manchester, PA

Nicknames: Mr. Pickles, Pittles, Piculese

Good with other dogs?: Yes, female only.  Will not be placed with another male.Pickles loves other dogs. He doesn’t have great boundaries and he’s not cautious, but he LOVES to play and run with other dogs, especially large ones.

Good with cats? yes

Good with children? No.  Adult only home.

Activity Preference: Needs a couple walks a day., Needs in-house activities, Low maintenance overall but needs quality outside time.

IQ: Smart

Pickles’s favorite things: Tug toys, soft rubber toys, stuffies with squeakers. He loves to be groomed (except for the nails) and will relax to no end in the bathtub. He just wants to be with his people, other pets, and in the action. He will do anything for food, so plenty of treats, please!

Pickles is good at: meeting people, meeting dogs, staying in a crate, behaving in the house, walking on a leash, playing, and bathing.

Ideal home: fenced yard, another dog (female), no children, someone at home most of the day, lots of exercise opportunities, consistency, a calm home without much activity.  Pickles’ forever home must commit to continuing training.  Pickles enjoys his training times and its a great bonding opportunity.

Training Needs: needs obedience training

Health issues: None. Pickles had skin infections and a small patch of hair missing.  It’s slowly growing back.

Meet Pickles

Pickles is a character! He is in fast forward everywhere he goes and he LOVES to go, go, go! He will play for hours if you’ve got it in you. He still needs a little refinement in following more than basic commands. He’s very good at come, sit, and stay. He recognizes “Go find your ____________ (ball, toy, bone, treat, etc.)”. He is the most affectionate little guy! He loves to be groomed (except for his nails) and will just melt while you clean his wrinkles or give him a bath. He is always up for a good spa day. It’s evident that he was not paid a lot of attention and we’ve really been working on making sure he knows the right ways to get attention (not nipping, jumping, or barking incessantly) and he’s learned so much in a short time. He loves any and all attention! Pickles would do best in a home with no children as he struggles with overexcitement and can nip or knock little ones over in his excitement to play.

Pickles is pretty smart as far as bulldog come.  He thrives on consistency and training.  He is happy when he knows he is doing what is being asked of him.  His training will need to continue into his forever home.  The lack of attention, love, affection, discipline, and a stable home really showed when Pickles first came to us.    Being apart of a loving home along with training has done so much for him.

Pickles is in Manchester, PA.  Potential adopters should not be more than a 3-4 hours drive.