Pepper Pottz – ADOPTED!

Pepper Pottz - ADOPTED!

Dog:Pepper Pottz
Age: 10 years young!
Weight: 60-65 lbs
Location: Holland PA
Nicknames: Pepper, Peps, baby girl, Love
Good with other dogs?:  Yes! We have a 10 year old male bulldog and they don’t bother much with each other
Good with cats?other: not sure we don’t have a cat
Good with children? Will not be adopted to a home with very small children.
Activity Preference:Will go with the flow, “Energy, do you mean like walking to my food bowl?”
Pepper Pots’s favorite things:Belly rubs, lots of love and attention
Pepper Pots is good at:meeting people, meeting dogs, staying in a crate, behaving in the house, following commands
Ideal home:  I think Pepper would be a good fit anywhere she will get lots of love and attention
Training Needs:
Health issues:
Meet Pepper Pottz

Pepper has made me feel like I have found my calling. I don’t know the details exactly of her past life but it was not a pretty one.

We have had Pepper a few months and she has made herself right at home.  She fit right in with no hesitation!  She’s so easy and pleasant!  She just wants some love and attention.  She lives to give and get your love! Pepper Pottz would be very happy laying around with someone all day, puttering around the yard, or taking a nice walk around the neighborood. She is a happy go lucky girl who asks for nothing.  Maybe you’ll be the forever home Pepper Pottz can live the rest of her days happy and loved!

It’s so unfair to Pepper Pottz to have been let down at least twice in her life by those who should have loved her the most!  She’s had 2 families and each one threw her away!  Pepper Pots has been abandoned twice in her life and we will never let that happen again!  This is a wonderful, very good girl who so deserves all the love and happiness she brings to come right back to her! When she arrived to her foster home she seemed very sad.  Pepper had not been to the vet in over 4 years! She had a mass on her front paw the size of an orange, her nails were so long she could not walk good, skin and ear infections, and she had the worst gum disease the vet had ever seen. She was afraid to come out of the crate. She looked and felt like crap.  She’s had a complete “make over” and she’s a new girl! She’s happy!


PLEASE READ: Adopters will not be considered without completing an application. Please visit to apply! Remember – Adoption is always the best option! If you can’t help by adopting a homeless pet, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to American Bulldog Rescue, 4 Terry Drive, Suite 1D Newtown, PA 18940 or paypal We cannot place dogs in homes with children under 10 unless that dog has lived with kids or is in a foster home with kids. Thank you.