Dog: Parkland

Age: 3 years old, estimated dob: 6/12/2021

Weight: 60 lbs

Location: Bucks County, PA

Nicknames: Mr. Parkland, Parker, Parks

Good with other dogs?: Yes, does well with most dogs. He doesn’t really interact with them as much as lives side by side with them. He has been overbearing and rude when meeting a new dog recently.  He would probably enjoy being an only dog or living with other dogs like him who prefer to just hangout.

Good with cats? He lives with cats and when the cat runs away he will chase. When the cat tells Parkland how things will be then he runs away from the cat.

Good with children? Parkland lives with other children and loves them!

Activity Preference: Enjoys walks when the weather is cool enough, exploring the yard, and taking naps.

IQ: average

Favorite Things: Loves being glued to his humans, going on car rides and walks, running after a ball, taking a nap.

Good at: meeting people, staying in a crate, behaving in the house, going for car rides, going for walks, taking naps.

Ideal home: experience with the breed’s personality and health, a fenced yard, opportunity for walks and car rides, and naps.

Training Needs: Parkland knows basic commands, he’s house and crate trained, excellent in the house alone.

Health issues: Lyme disease.  Parkland is asymptomatic.  Should he show symptoms of Lymes (joint pain, fatigue, etc.) he would require a 30 day antibiotic treatment.  Just to be aware that Parkland is brachycephalic. He should be carefully monitored in warmer weather.

Meet Parkland:

Parkland is everything that you love about the bulldog breed! He is super sweet cutie and a big lovebug.  He cannot be close enough to you. He loves car rides and his favorite spot is touching his head to yours or his head on your shoulder. Parkland will show you all his “tricks” for a cookie. He likes to sleep in your arms or right next to your head. If you throw a ball he will run after it and sometimes even pick it up. He turns into a professional whiner if it goes under the couch and he needs you to be the one fetching! He’s done well meeting almost all other dogs so far. During one recent dog meet, he became overbearing and pushy. He does fine living with his canine housemates who are older and not really into playing or much interaction.  Parkland seems just fine with that. His desired target of attention is humans! He is so happy to be laying right next to or sitting so close to them. Parkland lives with cats and dog-savvy cats would do fine.
Parkland is a quiet, good boy who wins hearts of unsuspecting humans. He must have a superpower in that adorable big noggin because one gaze from those deep, gentle eyes and you are a goner! You’ll be buying matching collar and harness sets before you can say – Freedom Harness!  So, if you love and appreciate the stubborn, quirky, silly, lovable, friendly, affectionate, expressive, and loyalty of the bulldog, then don’t let Parkland get away!

PLEASE READ: Adopters will not be considered without completing an application. Please visit to apply! RememberAdoption is always the best option! If you can’t help by adopting a homeless pet, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to American Bulldog Rescue, 4 Terry Drive, Suite 1D Newtown, PA 18940 or paypal We cannot place dogs in homes with children under 10 unless that dog has lived with kids or is in a foster home with kids. Thank you.