Weight: 63

Location: New Hope, PA

Nicknames: too many to list.

Good with other dogs?: Yes.He loves the ladies. He generally does his own thing though.

Good with cats? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with a cat

Good with children? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with kids under 10

Activity Preference: “Energy, do you mean like walking to my food bowl?”

IQ: Average

Ozzie’s favorite things: Unfortunately he loves food too much and someone gave into him. Well now he is miserable because he is on a D I E T. Yes and he is not thrilled but he is looking better.

He is learning to love sweet potato and carrots, blueberries and beets!

Ozzie is good at: meeting people, meeting dogs, behaving in the house, going for car rides

Ideal home: other:

Training Needs:

Health issues: just overweight but slimming down. His ears were not cared for but we are making progress.

Meet Ozzie

The kid is funny he is so animated, loves grooming and attention and naps! Ozzie would just love a companion to chill with but his ideal friend wouldn’t give into his fake starvation pout, he is probably used to getting lots of food that wasn’t good for him. He is totally non-destructive and house trained. He is in boot-diet-camp and not thrilled. He is animated, appreciative and not a big fan of walks yet.