picture of Naomi
picture of Naomi
picture of naomi
picture of naomi
picture of naomi
picture of naomi
picture of naomi
picture of naomi

picture of Naomi picture of naomi picture of naomi picture of naomi picture of naomi picture of naomi picture of naomiAge: 4
Weight: approx 70 lbs
Location: Baltimore, MD
Nicknames: Nay Nay, Penelope Primrose
Good with other dogs?: Yes.
She has not lived with dogs until coming to her foster home. She has met the dogs well. 
Good with cats? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with a cat
Good with children? OK for kids over: 10
Activity Preference: Both couch potato and marathon walker. She loves to go for walks (see more on this). Loves yard activity. 
IQ: Smart
Naomi’s favorite things: Nomming her blankie when she sleeps. Getting pets. 
Naomi is good at: meeting people, meeting dogs, behaving in the house, going for car rides, playing with toys gently
Ideal home: a fenced yard because this girl needs to run!
Training Needs: Leash walking needs to improve. 
Health issues: Needs grain free diet for allergies

Meet Naomi

Whoever opens their home to Naomi will have a companion for life. She loves being nearby and, occasionally, on your lap (partially). She gives kisses and sweet love looks. She looks like she is mean mugging all the time but what’s behind that adorable face is anything but mean. She’s a hazel-eyed beauty with the cutest underbite and brown-blonde brindle and freckles.

In a matter of weeks, Nay Nay has endeared herself to her foster mom mostly through her impeccable house manners and from the loving trust she readily shows. She listens well and learns quickly. Counter surfing? Barking lots? Getting into trash? Ripping up things? Accidents in the house? Not with this girl. She’s well behaved, respectful to people and dogs, loves toys but doesn’t destroy them, leaves things alone that aren’t hers, and is expert level at house training.

There are some things you must be prepared for to give Naomi her best life:

  • Time to wake up. This girl is not an early riser and doesn’t like getting out of bed, especially if it’s a people bed that’s oh so comfy. She pretty much needs some a good petting before she wants to start the day.
  • A bathroom companion. She realizes that when you’re on the toilet, she has a captive audience. So forget about reading or using your phone. Those hands of yours are meant for petting, so get to it!
  • An invitation to eat. Yep, that’s right, she seems to need an invitation to eat from her bowl. She stays off to the side as her meal is prepped and will stay away until she gets the go ahead. Oh, an she is not a big fan of just dry food. Broth, pumpkin, wet food. Just something to take the edge off.
  • Permission to get on furniture. She really does love being with you on the couch and even fancies herself a bit of a lap dog at times but she must be asked to join you. She’s a good bed buddy. She’ll settle in by your feet and barely move throughout the night. No taking over the bed like some other rude dogs I know.

There are some other specifics we’ll be looking at for her forever family. That includes a fenced yard because this girl loves to run. Also, Nay needs to be on a grain free diet. Her former owner said Nay has a grain allergy and sensitive stomach. She’s being transitioned back to a grain free food and so far there have been no indications of problems.

Lastly, she needs someone who will commit to working with her on her leash walking. She is a puller but she absolutely loves going for a walk. We’re working on both enjoying the walk. She’s getting better but it’s taking time.

Other than a few weeks at her foster home, Naomi has not lived with dogs. She is a bit socially awkward meeting other dogs. She gets so excited she wants to rush in and happily say hello. She’s working on toning that down some. She wants to play with other dogs but the resident pups here are playing hard to get. I think she would love to live with another dog, as long as that dog isn’t sensitive to her exuberance.

As for kids, her former owner said Naomi would be fine living with them. Based on my experience with her, I would say older kids would be better because Naomi likes to jump around when she gets excited. She has not jumped on me, but I could see her knocking over smaller kids even though she wouldn’t intend to.

I hope that, after reading this, you see what a wonderful dog she is. She will make any one happy. If you think you can offer what she needs to be happy, please apply today.