Age: 3-5

Weight: 55
Location: Newtown, PA
Nicknames: Mother Mary,
Good with other dogs?: Other: dog friendly but pushy with food and special treats.
Mary really enjoys the company of other dogs but is a bit “in your face” if she thinks another has something she wants. She is great at meeting dogs and could live with other dogs as long as there is supervision and a long intro process.
Good with cats? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with a cat
Good with children? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with kids under 10
Activity Preference: Low maintenance overall but needs quality outside time., Will go with the flow, “Energy, do you mean like walking to my food bowl?”
IQ: Smart
Mary’s favorite things: Not puppies 🙂 but treats she loves. She loves other dogs but is quite the bully. Loves her food and treats but also needs a diet because she was eating as much as she wanted when she was pregnant. She is working on getting her body back.
Mary is good at: meeting dogs, staying in a crate, behaving in the house, going for car rides, walking on a leash, cuddling, playing, following commands
Ideal home: someone at home most of the day, a fenced yard
Training Needs: socialization with people
Health issues: chubby but dieting.

Meet Mary

Mary was found stray and presumed pregnant in a busy city. She went in for xrays and it was conformed that she was going to have 5-6 pups. She was with us for a few weeks and on May 2nd she had 9 pups. She is not a big girl and we were not sure what her past was but only 5 of them survived. 5 little girls that she wanted nothing to do with. She watched while we fed the girls every 4 hours. and she blossomed into a happy and very funny girl. She is bouncy and happy and loves attention. She is house trained and doesn’t destroy anything. she doesn’t really love new people instantly but in 5 minutes she will be your bestie. She is funny, adorable and very special!