Lessi Jane – ADOPTED!

Lessi Jane - ADOPTED!

Name: Lessi Jane

Nicknames: Monkey, Chickpea, Little Baby Lessi,

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Age: 9 years young!  Yes she is a spring chicken!

Weight: Maybe 18 lbs

Good with other dogs: Yes. Being blind Lessi appreciates a dog who isn’t too “in your face” and gives her the time and space to get to know each other.

Good with cats: No!

Good with kids: Unknown.  She should probably not be in a home with very young kids under about 11/12 years old.

Activity Level: In house playtime and maybe a walk, she goes with the flow

IQ:  She’s pretty smart

Favorite things: Food!  Sleeping in the couch cushions or under a blanket!  Toys!

Perfect home: A fenced yard, lots of love

Good at: meeting people and other dogs

Health Issues/ Medication: Being a super senior Lessi should take a good joint supplement.  She is also on daily drops for dry eye.

Meet Less:

Little Lessi Jane! She’s a sassy senior whose got plenty of pep in her step! Lessi is a Puggle and has the sass of a Pug and the nose of a beagle.  Being blind doesn’t seem to bother Lessi at all! She quickly learned the layout of her foster home and yard. She’s got no steps to go in and out and isn’t allowed upstairs without a lift. She loves to play with her special toys and even goes searching for her favorite monkey or snake squeaky! She confidently finds her way to the toy bin and digs around for what she wants and takes it! No help needed! She’s a good girl in the bathtub when getting her 2-3 baths a week with medicated shampoo to clear her skin up. Those frequent baths will end soon as she is looking so fabulous! She’s feeling so much better too! When she first came to ABR she was very quiet and mopey. Just about a month into her stay with us and she’s already spayed, had two teeth removed, had her ear infections treated, started on eye drops for her dry eye, and just about finishing up a course of antibiotics and an anti-fungal medication. She’s like a new lady! Lessi has done well with both foster companions she has met. Waldor has since moved on to his forever home, but those two became buds! Lessi now finds friendship in her foster sister who is also approaching her senior years so a bit less playful then Waldor was. They’ll nap together, take walks together, potty break together, eat together, and even play together! Lessi is in an independent lady but on walks she does like the guidance of her canine companion. Lessi is a sweetheart to her foster family. She now does a little happy dance and song when greeting them at the door! She likes to be picked and cuddled like a baby and get kisses when you come home. She’s earned the nickname of Monkey with getting into things like snack cabinets, a kitchen chair, a purse left on a chair, and anywhere in-between! She can easily get herself on and off the sofa. She’s a kooky, funny little monkey who you will fall for even if you don’t want to!

Lessi is in Philadelphia, PA. She will stay in a crate but will protest at first. She’s pretty much house trained. She has had a few accidents but that’s expected going into a new home let alone blind and finding her way to the door to signal she needs to go out. Her teeny feet and dainty head paired with those big eyes and adorable curly pug tail are just all too much to resist! Her fur is already becoming soft and fuller and her skin pink! She’s come along way already and we know she will continue to blossom knowing she’s loved and safe.

A little background – When Lessi came to us she was in pretty bad shape. Clearly neglected and used for breeding! She was surrendered to a shelter after being with the same owner her entire life! Nine years of what kind of life left her with horrid skin infections, severely infected ears and teeth, and worst of all blind! Her blindness was most likely caused by letting her dry eye go untreated. A simple eye drop could have saved her sight and years of painful, irritated eyes!

PLEASE READ: Adopters will not be considered without completing an application. Please visit www.AmericanBulldogRescue.org to apply! Remember – Adoption is always the best option! If you can’t help by adopting a homeless pet, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to American Bulldog Rescue, 4 Terry Drive, Suite 1D Newtown, PA 18940 or paypal AmericanBulldogRescue@verizon.net. We cannot place dogs in homes with children under 10 unless that dog has lived with kids or is in a foster home with kids. Thank you.