Weight: 140
Location: Perkasie, PA
Nicknames: Juicy, Juicy Boy
Good with other dogs?: Dog selective.
Juice is super interested in other dogs. He does need time to warm up to them though. He is perfectly fine with his foster sister, ABR Alum Maxine. I did a two week separation when Juice came to the house and kept an eye on things. He’s been fine since. He does have some resource guarding of high value things, i.e. bones, toys, food, water bowls. Slowly working on that with him. He doesn’t have an issue with Maxine getting water while he is close now.
Good with cats? no
Good with children? no
Activity Preference: Low maintenance overall but needs quality outside time., Champion couch potato
IQ: Smart
Juice’s favorite things: Juice LOVES food. He will do a little dance for you when it’s breakfast or dinner time. I would think he’d like a bone to chew on (because of resource guarding I don’t have those in the house at the moment). He will chew on sticks if given the chance. He does like going for walks, he’s not a long haul kind of guy, but a nice short walk he is always up for.
Juice is good at: behaving in the house, making me feel safe, walking on a leash, cuddling, following commands
Ideal home: no children, quiet environment, someone at home most of the day, a fenced yard
Training Needs: socialization with people, socialization with dogs
Health issues: Juice does seem to have a bit of a sensitive stomach. Prior to coming to ABR his vet records say he did have exploratory stomach surgery. He supposedly ate something he wasn’t supposed to. Haven’t had any major issues with this. I just make sure he doesn’t eat things he isn’t supposed to.

Meet Juice

Oh this Juicy Boy!

He is such a love!! Gets super happy when I come home. All he wants is to be loved. Juice is a protector, so new people are scary and he MUST protect you from them all. This means all new people need to be slowly introduced to him. I have not let anyone come into the house unless Juice is leashed when first meeting. I slowly work with him and the new person until he can relax. Again, it’s a slow process. But once he loves you, he loves you!! Oh and make sure new people have treats, that helps!

Juice does have a high prey drive, so a fence is definitely something he needs. Something nice and sturdy, he’s a big boy! And I do include small dogs in this.

My house is pretty quiet, so Juice will react to sudden noises or movement. His reaction is normally barking. He’s pretty respectful of you correcting him, he might look at you and bark one more time for the heck of it though. For the most part though Juice loves chilling on the couch or dog beds. He does sleep in bed with me, again he’s a protector, and what better way to protect me then to be in my bed with me!

Juice does like to go for short walks, nothing to strenuous for him. He falls in line pretty quickly walking. You do have to watch for little dogs on your walks, he will focus on them and possibly pull if you aren’t watching.

Overall Juice is a fantastic dog!!

Food being given: Annamaet