Jodi in PA
Jodi in PA
Jodi in PA
Jodi in PA

Jodi is a ray of sunshine, she is enthusiastic about everything and is all about loving life. You can’t have a bad minute when she is around because she looks at you and shakes herself at you like a bobble head to say look at me, it’s all good she is just happy and smiling all the time. Jodi goes for pack walks every day which include other dogs, male and female big and small. She came from a home with multiple dogs and is very dog savy and non reactive. She is respectful in the house and car, she is crate trained but should wouldn’t be a good fit if family is gone all day as she is still a pup and it wouldn’t be fair to her to sit alone all day. She loves her k9 foster brother and would love a playmate. Jodi would be ideal for agility or any other canine sport as she is athletic and eager to learn. Jodi is all <3 and one of her foster mom’s favorite dogs ever.

Age: 14 months
Approximate Weight: 70
Location: Newtown, PA
Good with other dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Unknown
Good with children?: Unknown, as such cannot be adopted to a home with children under 10 (see adoption policies)
Energy Level : Middle of the road. Likes daily walks or a good game of fetch then settles down.
IQ: About average
Her favorite thing in the world is: people, other dogs, walking, car rides
She is good: In a car, At meeting new people, At meeting new dogs, At not having accidents in the house and great on a leash.
Her ideal home would have: Fenced yard, Active family with lots of exercise opportunities, Another dog
Training Needs: Sit and Stay