26613133-3-petnoteTwo Year old Jewel (her birthday is 4/10/11) was a stray – her family did not want her anymore- Jewel was microchipped, and the shelter called her family- but her family never came to get her. We are so happy they didn’t!! as it gives us a chance to help Jewel find a family who is deserving of her!! Jewel is SUPER SWEET!

Jewel knows basic commands and always rolls over for a belly rub every time you approach her – yes every time! She is so easy going and loves to be in the company of people. She was pregnant in the shelter but only had one puppy who sadly died at 10 days old because she got pneumonia from nursing off of Jewel who got kennel cough at the shelter. Jewel almost perished as well, she was very sick but has fully recovered very well and for her, being around people who love her is the best medicine for! She’s so thankful just to be in a home with a soft bed and some good food and to be alive!

Jewel is amazingly sweet and thankful you can just see it in her beautiful eyes. Her tail is always beating, she is so happy to see everyone she meets, she’s truly amazingly happy.

Jewel is great with kids. A well behaved docile male should do well with Jewel and she seems to have no interest in cats. She is heartworn negative, and up to date on her shots. Jewel is crate- and house-trained, walks well on a leash, and is very laid back and easy going.

Jewel’s adoption fee is proof that unconditional love can be bought! She is a Jewel of a dog and is being fostered in Orlando, FL.