Jersey in Baltimore

Sweet, lovey, happy Jersey girl! This girl has such a zest for life! Every part of her day is met with joy and excitement. Time to go outside? “Great, let’s go!” Time to eat? “Let me jump around with joy.” Time for a walk? “Oooohhhh, yes, let’s go for a walk!” And if you delay any of these activities, you’ll see the funniest sass ever as she sits and flutters her cheeks with an exasperated sigh.

Jersey is one of the happiest dogs I’ve met, and very loving. She will give and take love like there’s no tomorrow. But don’t worry, she’s not too clingy. She’ll give you your space and chill out when the time is right. Every day she will make you laugh, keep you warm, let you know you’re loved, and simply take your breath away with her beauty.

Jersey currently lives with 3 other dogs. It takes her time to be comfortable around a new dog. She’s a little stunted in her doggie communication and doesn’t let another dog know she’s uncomfortable or not feeling it. If she lives with another dog, that dog will need to be very laid back. This also means she is NOT a candidate for dog parks. She would be good for a managed doggie social/play group.

This big headed girl also lives with 2 cats. Jersey can live with another cat if the cat is super chill and very tolerant of a dog being in their face. Jersey has not been aggressive at all but she will get that big head right up into the cat’s face. She may be extremely interested with a new cat until she gets used to them. Really all she wants is to convince every cat that she’d make a great playmate. Sadly, cats usually don’t see it that way.

When it’s time for a walk, you’d think Jersey’s world just went from black & white to full color. It’s that exciting for her. Once she gets over the excitement after about half a block, she settles nicely into the walk.

From what we can tell, we think this girl wasn’t socialized a whole lot growing up and may have been expected to protect her people. She’s had some surprises for us like wanting to vigilantly protect us from plastic bags flying down the street, or someone standing 5 houses away.

We recommend that whoever gets the gift of this girl in their life start her off on the right paw with some training. She knows basic commands like sit, leave it, and down, but she needs to build her confidence with her new family and obedience and socialization trainings are the perfect way to do that. Jersey is a very special dog and will light up the hearts of her forever family on a daily basis. You won’t want to leave the house without her!


Weight: 85
Location: Baltimore, MD
Nicknames: Meathead
Good with other dogs?: Dog selective. Jersey lives with 3 other dogs and was a great foster mom to a puppy for about 2 weeks, but it takes her time to meet other dogs and be comfortable.
Good with cats? other: Will depend on the cat
Good with children? OK for kids over: 10
Activity Preference: Needs a couple walks a day., Low maintenance overall but needs quality outside time.
IQ: Has some shining moments
Jersey’s favorite things: Belly rubs!!! Tennis balls. Cuddling.
Jersey is good at: behaving in the house, going for car rides, making me feel safe, walking on a leash, cuddling
Ideal home: a fenced yard, Lots of exercise opportunities
Training Needs: socialization with people, socialization with dogs
Health issues: She needs to eat a high quality, grain free food to keep itchy skin at bay.