Age:  6 months

Weight: to be updated

Location: Baltimore, MD

Nicknames: Jack Attack

Good with other dogs?: Yes.Jack is a curious 14 week old puppy that is still learning how to socialize with other dogs! He lives with his brother, Hank, and they play constantly. Jack is looking for a doggie friend that can show him the ropes and be patient with his pushy puppy behavior.

Good with cats? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with a cat

Good with children? OK for kids over: 10

Activity Preference: Hope you like to run long distances!, Needs in-house activities, Up for a long hike any day.

IQ: Smart

Jack’s favorite things: Sticks! Chew toys, treats, soft blankies, and a doggie friend

Jack is good at: meeting people, staying in a crate, going for car rides, playing

Ideal home: another dog, a fenced yard, Lots of exercise opportunities

Training Needs: potty training, socialization with people, socialization with dogs, leash training, needs obedience training, other: Jack is brand new and needs help learning how to dog

Health issues: None

Meet Jack

Jack Attack is everything puppy! Adorable, mischievous, and rolly polly. He is doing well with potty training but is still a puppy and cannot hold it more than 3-4 hours during the day. He sleeps overnight without accidents but is bursting to get outside in the morning (about 8 hours).

As a young puppy, he is learning everything about the world. He would love a doggie sibling to teach him all the dog things about life. He’s looking for an older sister that will be patient (or at least tolerant) of his puppy tendencies.

Jack loves chew toys, particularly benebones, and typically only chews his puppy stuff. He loooovveessssss sticks and wrestling with his brother. He is also very food motivated. He loves meeting new people. Jack and Hank have been to the vet several times for vaccines, and it is an office divided into Team Jack and Team Hank. They are both such sweet, loving puppies that each has their own fan club. Jack is a super fun, curious, lovable puppy that likes attention from his people!