Nicknames Herc
Male or Female? Male
Age?About 9
Weight 67
Good with other dogs? Yes! Amazing!
Hercules is fostering and gets along nicely with a American Bulldog mix breed dog who is 65 lbs and he also gets along with my small active 20lb Boston Terrier. Hercules meets dogs big or small in a calm friendly manner when on walks.
Good with cats? He wasn’t cat tested so I have to say unknown
Good with children? ¬†Hercules loves kids both big and small. He enjoys the attention kids give him. He can’t get enough hugs and petting.
Activity Preference
Low maintenance overall but needs quality outside time in the yard to get some running time.
IQ: Smart!
These are a few of my foster’s favorite things:
Hercules loves kids and people of all ages. He enjoys when I have visitors and greets them wonderfully and does not jump. He is very friendly to dogs of any size and doesn’t even chase squirrels in the yard or bark at neighbors. ¬†Hercules is so happy for a ride in the car and sits nicely in the back looking out the window. Hercules looks at you with such endearment for even a simple treat or pat on the head. Hercules is such a GREAT dog.My foster is good at:*
meeting people.. Yes
meeting dogs… Yes
staying in a crate…Yes
behaving in the house.. Yes
going for car rides…Yes
walking on a leash.. Yes
cuddling…YES !!!
following commands.. Yes
other: Good about getting a bath or ear cleaningIf I could handpick the perfect home for this particular dog, it would have:*
another dog.. Yes good with dogs but seems happy to be with just people too.
children… Yes
someone at home most of the day.. Yes
a fenced yard.. YesTraining Needs.. Is house trained but goes out often especially in the morning, about every 3-4 hours. Later in the day he holds for more hours and stands by the door to let you know he needs to potty.

Health issues? None

Medications or required supplements?
Just routine Monthly Heart Worm pill that all dogs should have.

What food are you feeding your foster?
Orijen brand Grain Free 6 Fish

IMG_9883 IMG_9813 IMG_9713 IMG_9575 (1) IMG_9549 (1)Hercules is love wrapped in fur! He is sweet and calm to every person and every dog he meets. He doesn’t bark or chew and is grateful for even the smallest thing you do for him. Hercules cooperates when getting a bath or having his ears cleaned and that is rare in any dog. He is smart and knows the sit, stay, down and come commands and is good on a leash. ¬†Hercules will be a great companion if your single or will be a amazing family dog too. Hercules will love you for just being you.
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