Hi, I’m Handsome Herb but my friends sometimes just call me Herbie. I am currently fostering in Cape Coral. Both myself and my dad were homeless and I was turned into the shelter by a policeman when my dad was arrested. I get a little anxious in cars so I must ride in a crate. Some people think its because I used to live in a car. I don’t know but if you want to be my new mom and dad, your vehicle must be able to accommodate a very large crate. I love car rides and will jump right into my crate but I guess I’m just not used to them moving. I tend to moan a little….I guess that is what you can call it……

I am approximately 2 1/2 years old and even though I have lived with other dogs this past year, I was jumped a couple of times so my foster mom thinks I should just live with cats and kids. That’s ok with me. Cats are cool and I really love children. If there aren’t any other dogs around, better for me. I don’t have to worry about being attacked any more and I get ALL the attention. What more can a guy ask for?

This is what my foster mom says about me:

1. If you ignore him and he wants your attention he will talk to you to get your attention. Or just head butt your arm.
2. He loves to be with you where ever you are and will follow you all around the house like your shadow.
3. He will toss this bone around and pounces on it like a cat.
4. When he is excited to see you when you come home he will jump in the air and scrunch up his face when he is excited. Kind of looks like he is smiling at you.
5. He can sit, lay down and roll over. Which is really funny to see a 100 lbs dog roll over.
6. He is potty trained and does not have accidents in the house.
7. Loves water and will hop right into the shower with you or go in by himself and hope that you will turn it on for him.. Loves to play with the water from the hose.
8. He attempts to play with the cat but he is not interested.
9. Seems to be food and bone aggressive with the other dog, but does not get aggressive with the cat even when he rubs up against him while he is eating.
10. He pays no mind to our daughters rabbit which most dogs want to eat them
11. He is very food motivated which helps with his training so he listens well when he thinks he is going to get something
12. Can initially bite and pull on his lease when you put it on him he will also jump to bite it like he is trying to play tug of war.
But once he is on the walk the behavior stops and he walks very well.
14. He does not have to be crated during the day or at night. He does not get into anything like the garbage or try to chew anything up.
15. He is good about having his eyes cleaned.

If you are interested in giving Herbie his happily ever after, please submit an adoption application at www.americanbulldogrescue.org. Please note: No one will be considered without first submitting an adoption application. Our dogs are in homes and only approved adopters can meet them. Once approved, you can meet any dog you like that would be a good fit for you/your family.


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