Meet Gump!  Gump is between 9 months to 1 year of age and he is fully vaccinated and neutered and ready for his forever family.  Gump is fostering in Florida and we are learning more about him every day.  We do know that he’s ALL puppy and needs to learn his basic manners such as the food on the counter isn’t for him so stop checking it out.  He met a cat and squirrel in the yard and could care less so that is encouraging.  But he isn’t currently living with cats so we cannot say for sure how he would be with a cat in the home.  Gump goes into his crate very nicely and will stay there while you’re away.  He gets along with all dogs and is just a happy, happy young guy! He is the happiest little boy ever!
From his foster mom:  Gump is one sweet little boy that will brighten up you and your family’s day. This little guy will put a smile on your face when you see him wake up in the morning, greet you at the door or just when he comes running up to you just to give you a kiss just to let you know how happy he is.  Even though he is just a pup, he is going to make someone very happy! Gump is a great companion and with time, he will be your little buddy by your side.
Since Gump has arrived, we have learned to walk on the leash not only by himself but also to walk nicely with his big brother Bleu or Bess. Gump sometimes grabs their leash to get them going at a faster pace or to just get their attention but walks very well. We know how to sit, down, stay for about 3 seconds but, we are still learning.
Gump loves meeting the neighbors and is as happy as can be.  We are working on no jump/fly in the air. If it isn’t a bird or a plane, it has to be a Gump! He literally flies

Gump always has a chew toy (horn or chew ring) to keep him busy and give his big brother or sister a break from playing. Haven’t given him any opportunity to eat something that isn’t his so since he is a pup, I keep a close eye on him and if I think he has something in his mouth (since he is curious about everything), I have no problem opening his mouth and looking inside
Gump is not food aggressive. I have my hands in his mouth and bowl all the time to make sure.
Gump is potty trained too! Will go to the door to be let out so make sure you let him out. I let him out immediately after he eats, plays inside, wakes up or when he just starts getting curious inside just to be on the safe side.
Remember, Gump is just a pup that was dumped out in the rock pits not knowing how to be a puppy, no manners, no love and trying to figure out how to survive. He has a warm bed, home, foster family and plenty of love and food. Gump is just waiting for the perfect family…is that you?


If you are interested in giving Gump his happily ever after, please submit an adoption application at  It is our policy at American Bulldog Rescue not to place the same gender dogs in a home.  Adoptions are most successful and harmonious with opposite genders. Please also note: No one will be considered without first submitting an adoption application. Our dogs are in homes and only approved adopters can meet them. Once approved, you can meet any dog you like that would be a good fit for you/your family.


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