Gigi is rolling her tongue
Gigi wrapped in blanket
Gigi with a bandana on
Gigi is rolling her tongue
Gigi sitting on couch
Gigi sitting on couch profile

Gigi sitting on couch profileNicknamesGEEEEEEGE, land hippo, Stinks


Age?: 4

Approx. Weight 45

Location: HagerstownGigi wrapped in blanketGigi with a bandana on Gigi is rolling her tongue, MD

Good with other dogs? No, must be an only dog.

Good with cats? unknown and will not be adopted to a home with cats.

Good with children? OK for kids over: 10

Activity Preference:  Needs a couple walks a day. Needs in-house activities

IQ: Smart

These are a few of my foster’s favorite things:GiGi loves soft areas to lounge as a GiGi should.  GiGi loves treats and dinner time (duh, you don’t get those curves without treats).  GiGi also does great in the car and is the best co-pilot (no arguments when you go the wrong way). GiGi loves her stuffies and once she is done throwing them around the room, she will lay down and suck on them.  Finally, another favorite thing for GiGi is walks.  She cannot control her excitement when she sees her harness and leash.

My foster is good at:meeting people, meeting dogs, staying in a crate, behaving in the house, going for car rides, walking on a leash, cuddling, playing, following commands

If I could handpick the perfect home for this particular dog, it would have: someone at home most of the day, a fenced yard, owner who likes walking


Tell us about your foster!GiGi is a full spirited, full figured gal.  She does everything with 120% effort and is the happiest little land hippo.  She was a previous rescue with ABR and was surrendered again due to issues with other dogs she was living with.  We have not seen any aggression from her with our larger male bulldog.  We aren’t sure if is a female and smaller dog issue, but she will need to be the only dog (which she would prefer for all the attention).  GiGi has learned some proper behavior and does well with routines.  She is an angel in her crate, not a peep when she’s in there from the first day she came to live here.  She is also the best co-pilot, no noises or whining, just relaxes in the car.  She loves her stuffies which she will throw around and then suck on.  She loves human interaction and does everything in her power to get attention all day.  She has learned it’s fine to relax on the couch with humans and not demand pets. GiGi is also a little princess, so she prefers soft areas to lay on and her current situation in her crate is all of the soft things to lay on.  She knows the command ‘home’ and heads to her crate immediately.  With GiGi being so very strong spirited, she does need a strong owner, who will make sure she has rules and adheres by them.  GiGi gets extremely excited when she sees you get her leash and harness, so a few small to mid-sized walks a day is great for her to get her energy out.  She is learning to sit still and wait for her harness (when she first got here, you couldn’t keep her still to get it on her) so she’s a work in progress with that area.