Foxy Roxy

Foxy Roxy

Roxy, through no fault of her own, is looking for a new home.  Her family must move to Europe and they cannot take her. Foxy Roxy is almost 6 years old and is spayed and vaccinated.  This is from her family: To be without Roxy will be akin to losing a limb, a best friend, family…

Dogue de Bordeauxs are a special breed with a character unlike most other dogs. Roxy has all the typical traits of a French Mastiff apart from one, she does not drool. We have no slobber hanging from the ceiling nor do we walk round with a towel stuffed in the back pocket.

Roxy is obedient and when outside will recall, after she has finished doing what is of course more important. She is a Dogue de Bordeaux after all. On request she will sit, go lie down, get back and bring a toy. Well, she is still making her mind up if bringing a toy is worth it every time. Roxy will even when outside, ‘go poop’ on demand but sometimes takes a while to find the perfect spot. Inside she is house trained and quite happy to share the sofa with you. ‘With you’ meaning on top of you. A true lap dog. Her underbite and the tongue that says, ‘merde’ to the world give her a unique look, one that everyone falls in love with. That same impish tongue will often surprise with kisses from a remarkable distance away! Don’t let the look fool you, she is very very intelligent.

When people ask us what sort of temperament she has our first reply every time is, ‘she is a joy to have’. There is not a nasty bone in her body. She loves other dogs and will happily play, respects household cats to the point of being scared and we have watched her gently play with toddlers for half an hour or more. However, she does weigh around 92lbs and can get a little excited if wound up so just let her be the mellow gentle dog she is. Roxy loves taking humans for walks but would rather not go too far and certainly not when it is really hot. Often independent in nature she is at the same time loving and with a desire to be part of the pack, the family pack. Roxy travels in a car without any issue. She loves going for drives. Whilst we seem to have eliminated her paws up on the kitchen counter she will always greet the vet receptionist or dog groomers with a big hello smile and both paws up on the work surface. They love it! She is worthy of the utmost respect, kindness and love.Foxy RoxyFoxy Roxy 3

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