Dog Age: 2-3
Approximate Weight: 75
Good with other dogs?: Ernie is with a male and female dog but is not interested in playing with them.
Good with cats?: Unknown
Good with children?: Not recommended for kids under 6
Energy Level : He is very active outside and acts like a young dog. Good in the house but enjoys playing with toys.
IQ: Smart and stubborn
My foster dog’s absolute favorite thing in the world is: Snuggling
My foster is good: On a leash, In a car, At meeting new people, At not having accidents in the house
My foster dog’s ideal home would have: Fenced yard, Active family with lots of exercise opportunities, Kids, Someone at home most of the day
Training Needs: Needs some leash work, Work on house manners (counter surfing, excited when visitors come in, etc.), Ernie is well behaved but does need some fine tuning. He is an excitable boy in new situations and meeting new people.
Medical Issues: No known issues. Is underweight.

More About Ernie

Ernie is a super dog who has been living in several homes over the past few months. He adjusts and makes himself at home and is very mellow for the most part. No anxiety issues which is a major plus. He is playful with humans and does not enjoy playing with other dogs and lets them know, however this could change as he tolerates being side by side with dogs. He is currently living with two other American Bulldogs and shows no aggression at all with food. He is a perfect gentleman and is 100% house trained. He is not a fan of a crate and we do not use one. He sleeps on the floor in a dog bed but definitely knows the comfort of a sofa. He is very tall and has a slender build. He is good on a leash but needs work. He doesn’t pull but he wants to greet everyone and everything that goes by.