Update: (March 8, 2015) Ellie doing wonderful! She is getting around beautifully on three legs and continues to amaze her foster family.

Ellie had a special vaccine made just for her and has two more vaccinations to go to be completely vaccinated. We had this vaccine made just for Ellie (with her own pappiloma that was surgically removed) at Georgetown University in hopes she will never get another pappiloma. But unfortunately, no one will ever know if she is contagious. Her foster brother and sister did get a pappiloma (several months ago) when Ellie had them but they were treated with wart medicine and the warts dried up. Her foster brother and sister were able to fight off the wart virus because they have a healthy immune system. Ellie’s immune system just couldn’t fight the warts.

Ellie gets along with other dogs but due to the fact that we will never know if she can pass the pappiloma virus to another dog.  Therefore, we are recommending that Ellie be an only dog.

Update: (February 8, 2015)  It’s a happy Sunday for Ellie! Her new bone mat came today that holds her bone for easy chewing. She is adapting so well!

Update: (February 3, 2015) Ellie is doing so good this week so far. We can tell she’s feeling so much better as she is back to following me everywhere, wagging her tail and smiling. She doesn’t know what to think of the harness that was generously donated and will avoid walking when it’s on if she can, lol. It does work really well, she just needs to get used to something touching her belly, so we are introducing it slowly. She’s still on a pain med regimen but we have been able to cut back on her tramadol and she is having fewer painful episodes every day. Getting up and around really well.

Update: (January 22, 2015)  I wanted to thank everyone again for the very generous donations for our sweet Ellie.

Here is an update from her wonderful foster family:

I hope to send pics/video every couple days.

Ellie is doing really well getting around and going potty. We have had to tweak her pain med schedule over the past 2 days and she is resting much more comfortably since.  No issues when she is up and about, she just takes breaks and gets tired easily. She has had a few painful instances when standing up from laying and trying to move the absent leg which has been heartbreaking. We are praying she is on the mend and will only have less pain from here on out.

She goes back on the 30th for suture removal and Dr. Cavanaugh says her incision is looking good so far.

Update: (January 19, 2015 ) Sweet Ellie has suffered with weakened immune system since we found her starved and dehydrated at the Asphalt Factory where she was dumped to die by her breeder.

She’s been on immune supplements but they just weren’t working. Ellie has been fighting recurring Ehrlicia and viral warts.  The warts took over her entire paw pad and exploded leaving no other outcome but to amputate her leg today.  The infection was horrible even though she’s been on antibiotics.  Poor Ellie was in so much pain. We are all devastated.  She is the sweetest dog on earth and doesn’t deserve the life that’s been thrust upon her.

Please keep Ellie and her foster family in your thoughts and prayers as we’ve all been crying all day.

Bio:  Ellie is 2 1/2 years old and is fostering in Ft. Myers, FL.

Poor Ellie, like many others we have saved, was thrown out of a car at a rock pit in Hialeah by a backyard breeder. After 2 weeks in fear, starving and hiding under a van at the plant, a worker contacted a local rescue contact, who contacted us. We were able to fund her vetting just in time to save her from extreme dehydration, starvation and an erlichea infection from her infestation of ticks and fleas. She was so severely emaciated that every single bone in her body was showing through her thin, unhealthy coat of fur and skin. Judging by Ellie’s behavior, it is likely that prior to being placed in her foster home, Ellie had never set foot in a house and spent her entire life physically abused, living outdoors in a crate of sorts.

Despite her horrible past, she has been overly sweet and affectionate from day one with everyone she has come in contact with, dogs included. She is so sweet and truly just wants to be loved on, so much as though when she arrived at her foster home still extremely underweight, she opted for petting and human attention over the bowl of food she had waiting for her. We know she has spent her entire 2.5 years of life longing for the love of a human companion.

She is potty trained and crate trained, loves leash walking and being near her human. She has a spunky personality and literally smiles at you while scrunching up her face when she’s excited. She likes to run around the yard after potty time, and is learning about toys and fetch. She still does the curious, puppy style head tilting when she hears new noises and sounds and it’s so adorable to watch. When not playing with her fellow canine pals, she is the typical bulldog who enjoys lounging around.


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