Creed (aka Puddin’)

Creed looking regal
Creed on steps
Creed on deck
Creed's album cover
Creed playing
Creed cuddlin
Creed in motion
Tennis ball just out of reach
Creed looking regal

Age: 2-3
Weight: 75 lbs
Location: Baltimore, MD
Breed: American Bulldog mix
Puddin’, Mr. Bobbles
Good with other dogs?: Yes, females preferred
Good with cats? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with a cat
Good with children? Unknown, won’t be placed with kids under 12
Activity Preference: Med-high energy level. Active in the house. Likes lots of time in the yard. 
IQ: SmartCreed Creed on deck Creed's album cover Creed playing Creed cuddlin Creed Creed Creed in motion Creed
His favorite things: Tennis balls, thinking he’s a 20 lb baby that you can hold
He’s good at: car rides, keeping his person company, keeping you on your toes, behaving in the house when you’re gone (though beware of counter surfing)
Ideal home: a playful female dog, a quiet area (suburbs or rural), experienced owners 
Training Needs: Leash walking needs to improve.

Meet Creed (Puddin)

There are no words good enough to describe Creed. You cannot possibly sufficiently describe his personality and all the love and joy he brings to life.

Most of the time, Creed seems like a living and breathing cartoon character. A super cute one at that. His eyes are so expressive; you’ll wonder how he conveys the feelings he does with that big, silly head and bulgy eyes.

Some things you should know about what makes him a great bobblehead of a dog:

  • He really wants to be your companion. Bathroom with you? Yep. Cooking in the kitchen? You got a sous chef for sure. Hanging in the yard? If he could weed for you, he would.
  • He’s sensitive. He knows when you’re upset. If he’s done something bad and hears about it, he looks sad. If he gets corrected by one of his foster siblings, he looks so embarrassed and tries to make it up to them.
  • He believes everyone should like him, including all dogs. Which means he can come on strong to dogs but he’s learned to rein it is with his foster siblings.
  • While he seems like a serious food hog, he’s very respectful of his foster sisters’ food. He will sit as you prep his food bowl and will wait to get the signal before he dives in.
  • When it’s cuddles time–which would be most time if it were up to him–he has to make eye contact with you and his eyes will show that he thinks you are the most special person in the world. (At that moment, for him, you are.) He wants to be close to your face. It’s ridiculous and it will melt your heart.
  • He learned to give “nose kisses” instead of kisses.

His ideal home and family would have:

  • quiet setting/neighborhood
  • fenced yard for his goofy zoomies… you gotta see that head run!
  • playful doggie sister or two
  • active family who would love to take him on outings
  • family that won’t leave him alone for an entire work day all the time
  • stock in a tennis ball company
  • willingness to work with his leash training (he’s much better on a walk in a quiet area than a busy neighborhood)

Creed really is something else. He’s one in a million and I can’t wait to meet his forever home and see him thrive in the best setting for him! Oh, one other requirement: we will need regular photo updates from the adopter. He has a very loyal fan base!