Chunk a/k/a Chubs

Chunk a/k/a Chubs

Dog: Chunk a/k/a Chubs

Age: 7 years old (DOB: 9/29/15)

Weight: 65 lb

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Nicknames: Meatball

Good with other dogs?: No, must live as only dog but is safe with other dogs away from home.Chunk very much wants to play with other dogs but he doesn’t know how to interact. It appears that his socialization with other dogs was limited but with some guidance he should be able to make some dog friends!

Good with cats? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with a cat

Good with children? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with kids under 15

Activity Preference: Low maintenance overall but needs quality outside time.

IQ: Has many other endearing qualities but brains ain’t one of ’em

Chunk’s favorite things: Chunk loves to be outside! He loves to wander the yard, watch the neighbors and snooze in the sun! He also likes to get out and about. He’s not a few walks a day kind of guy but he does love his morning walk! He also loves people, wants to say hi to anyone he comes across and just wants to be with his people. He’s shown an interest in playing with toys but he seems to be easily distracted by the next best thing!

Chunk is good at: meeting people, behaving in the house, walking on a leash

Ideal home: someone at home most of the day, a fenced yard, familiar with bulldog allergies and the willingness to properly care for them, the importance of a good diet

Training Needs: socialization with dogs

Health issues: Chunk has typical bulldog skin issues that he is being treated for with medicated shampoo. He will require regular baths and daily cleaning of his face folds to keep his skin in good condition. He’s also has arthritis in his back legs and taking a joint supplement.

Meet Chunk a/k/a

Chunk came to ABR after being a loved part of a family who then, as he got older, made a ‘shop’ dog by that same family.  His life became so sad.  He lived in this “shop” where he had little attention during the day and left alone overnight and on weekends.  He was rescued by an employee who knew it wasn’t right and contacted ABR.  Chunk has only been here a short while, but he settled right in! He will definitely benefit from a routine so he knows he’s not being left alone to fend for himself for long periods of time. He’s very much a relax and chill kind of guy!  Chunk enjoys morning walks and will stop to take it all in. He absolutely loves to chill in the backyard and we want him to have a fenced yard in his forever home so he can continue to safely enjoy his time outside.  During the day, while he does ok when left on his own, but seems to prefer being with the humans as much as possible. He is very sweet and can be sassy with bursts of energy for some playtime! He very much has that bulldog stubbornness! Chubs does very well when alone for short periods of time.  At bed time, he is happy to go to his “spot” for the evening.  He has not been crated so we are not sure how he would be if crated.  He does so well anyway that it hasn’t been an issue.


Chunk is in Philadelphia, PA