IMG_1751 IMG_1756 IMG_1757 IMG_1760 IMG_1785 IMG_1790Have you ever meet a dog that has never had a bad day or will put a smile on your face after a rough day at work? Now you have.

Chulo loves car rides, walks or just lounging around house. He has a strong desire to be a people pleaser and is quick to learn new things and loves just being around people. He knows basic commands – Sit, Down, leave it. He is still a work in progress with the stay and come commands. He is housebroken and has no problem using his create at bed time. Chulo has been doing well with walks on the leash but needs some additional work and he can be reactive to some dogs on the leash. Further obedience training would be best for Chulo.

Chulo is neutered and healthy. Being so young, he is still growing into his body and can be a little clumsy at times. Like any puppy, you will need to keep an eye on him. He will thrive in a home where someone can be around a good part of the day. He has positive protective instincts and enjoys being close by.

Name: Chulo
Breed: American Bulldog (and possible Boxer mix)
Age: 14 Months
Weight: 65 Lbs.
Good other dogs: ???
Good with cats: No
Good with Children: Yes but they should be at least 10 years or older
Energy Level: Needs daily exercise (puppy energy)
IQ: Smart
Nicknames: Chu, Chewy

Chulo’s absolute favorite thing in the world is: Going for walks, car rides (long or short) and training
Chulo is good: On a leash, in the car (loves his car rides), at meeting new people, at staying in a create and not having accidents in the house
Chulo’s ideal home has: A fenced yard and an active family to play with, home where someone can be around a good part of the day
Training Needs: Needs some leash work. He is reactive to some dogs while on the leash.

Chulo is in the Philadelphia area. He is looking for a forever home.