Charlie, like so many dogs at ABR, had a rough start.  Before coming to us, he was saved by a kind rescue group out of Miami.  He’s been out of “jail” for several months, and his past life is a distant memory.

Charlie is young, a little over a year old.  He is good with other dogs and children (he’s currently living with three smaller male dogs, one large female dog, and a cat). He’s cat curious, however if the cat stands still, he does nothing. If the cat runs, he gets excited, but he is not overly aggressive, just playful.  He does very well when he meets new people and dogs.

He is still learning manners on the leash, and he knows how to sit.  He has no food aggression, easy to bathe, and isn’t afraid of storms.

He is medium sized, with a slightly longer coat so he feels like velvet when you pet him.  Charlie has the energy of youth, but it doesn’t last long with that short nose of his.  He doesn’t do well in the heat, and prefers to be indoors when it’s hot.  He’s content chewing on his toys or playing with the other dogs.

Charlie is a talker!  He speaks to you when he wants something, but he’s not a barker.  This boy will easily fit into any home he goes into.  Charlie is a sweetheart – mild mannered, and the perfect age to be molded into what a family wants.

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