Brutus in Baltimore
Brutus in Baltimore
Brutus in Baltimore
Brutus in Baltimore
Brutus in Baltimore
Brutus in Baltimore
Brutus in Baltimore
Brutus in Baltimore
Brutus in Baltimore

Oh Brutus, you are the cutest! Your cuteness cannot be contained, and neither can your tongue. And let’s not even mention your uncanny ability to emulate a pancake…

Brutus is a special dog who is going to make some person or family super happy. According to his foster family, he’s almost perfect! Even with the occasional loud snoring.

He was a stray in a GA shelter but someone had trained him. He knows sit, stay, down, leave it. He walks well on a leash if you set the right tone at the beginning. When it’s time for a ride (which he loves!), he is your co-pilot. And when the ride is over, he patiently waits for you to call him out of the car. No dashing out! At meal time, he sits off to the side patiently waiting to be served. He’s a pro at going to his crate and very well behaved in there.

Brutus is a scrumptious cuddly dog and he gives these sweet, dainty kisses. It’s a little ridiculous. He loves meeting new people, sometimes giving them a ‘hello’ wave with his paw and when contact is made, he flops down for a belly rub. It’s almost embarrassing how easy he is.

Sometimes when you’re petting him, he can’t possibly hold himself up anymore and he’ll collapse into you and there’s this 65 lb dog all laid out on you. On the other hand, Brutus doesn’t demand that you pay attention to him all the time. He knows to find his own space when you need yours!

In his foster home, Brutus lives with two cats and we don’t recommend it for others. He has a real issue whenever a cat stares/looks at him. Even months into having him, he will still charge one of our cats all for looking in the wrong direction.

Brutus also lives with 3 other dogs but it took some time for them to all be together. Now, he absolutely loves all of them and, if allowed, would play tirelessly with them. He made friends with the girls within the first month, but it took a couple months before he was OK with our male.

Outside of the house, he’s been reactive to other dogs. Now that his heartworm treatment rest period is over, we will be scheduling him for socialization training. We hope this will help him learn that he doesn’t need to act like a big tough guy when he sees another dog. At this point in time, Brutus is not a dog park or doggie play date kind of guy. He may never be but we do know that he would be happy with a doggie sister or brother but it might need to be a slow process. We will update his bio after he has his training but we are hoping to find a family who will continue any socialization training he might need.

Brutus has not lived with kids in his foster home. He spent some time with a calm, respectful 4 year old, and  he tried to avoid contact with her as much as possible. He wanted to get away whenever she got close. With all adults he is super happy to meet them but he was anxious when meeting her. Because of this and ABR’s policy, we will not place Brutus with children under 10.

Because of his heartworm treatment, Brutus has been in his foster home since about May. We can tell you he is a special, wonderful dog who deserves the absolute best. He has some of the best expressions and will make you laugh every day and want to hug him every hour and maybe make up songs of admiration about him.

We believe he a mix of American and English Bulldogs. Regardless, he’s darn cute!


Age: 3-4  years
Approximate Weight: 67 lbs
Current Location: Baltimore, MD
Good with other dogs?: Yes, but needs a slow introduction
Good with cats?: Not recommended
Good with children?: Cannot live with children under 10
Energy Level: Overall a chill dog but likes to play and romp around
IQ: Average and a little more
Nicknames: Boo Boo, Bootis
What make’s his eyes light up?: Meeting new people, getting loved on
He is good: On a leash, In a car, At meeting new people, At staying in a crate, At not having accidents in the house, Listening
His ideal home would have: Someone who likes to cuddle, yard for playing, someone who likes to go for walks
Training Needs: Brutus is reactive to other dogs. We are working on enrolling him in a training class to work on this.