Location:  Southeast PA
75 pounds
English Bulldog

Good with other dogs?: he is good with dogs in the house unknown elsewhereGood with cats? Unknown

Good with children? unknown; 15 and older dog savvy children are fine

Activity Preference: Activity? He likes it. He is no couch potato


Meet Bob: He is a very sweet boy, up to date on his shots, heartworm negative, crate-trained and very good with the other dogs in his foster home, he gets along well with 2 larger mastiffs a male and female. Smaller dogs and cats are unknown. We do not feed him with the other dogs as we believe he would try and take their food and treats and he is on a forced diet that we are sure he doesn’t appreciate but he has to to lose 25 pounds his last family fed him way too much.He loves being right next to people and the other dogs in the house. He doesn’t love being alone but is typically quiet when he is unless he smells something cooking on the stove then he wants to be in the kitchen. We do not know how he is if left all day alone as both of his foster parents work from home and he is usually with one of us and the other dogs.He is fine with meeting new people but we do not know how he would be with unknown dogs. He loves going for walks but will quickly let you know when he has had enough- he will tug at you to go the other way to go back home. Since he is an EBD he doesn’t require long walks. just a few a day. We’d love for him to have his own yard to romp and play around in as he does in his foster home.The ideal home for Bob would be a home with another well-behaved dog or 2, people who work from home, a fenced yard and recent EBD experience is a requirement to adopt him, their maintenance is very important to be on top of.The only fault Bob has is he is stubborn with getting his 2x daily eye drops. He backs away or rolls or just runs away to avoid them, but he needs them and must get them he is never aggressive with this but clearly doesn’t like it.The only health issues Bob has that we know of is his dry eye.Bob is eating fish and sweet potato grain-free and rinsed canned or fresh green beans to lose about 25 pounds total.Bob is a very special bulldog in that he is super sweet a very happy dog and easy going. He is also relatively quiet unless the other dogs start barking then he feels the need to join in the chorus. He is happy go lucky and gives back lots of love to his foster family, he is laid back and is a wonderful companion. His foster home has fostered many EBD in the past and Bob is way up there as far as perfection goes, sure he can be stubborn but that is just genetics, he is super sweet and will make the EBD experienced family who adopts him so happy that they decided to make him a cherished member of their family.