Blue outside with a chihuahua
Blue waiting for a belly rub
Picture of blue from behind looking back at the camera

Blue outside with a chihuahua Blue waiting for a belly rub Picture of blue from behind looking back at the cameraDog: Blue
Age: 4
Weight: 55 lbs
Location: Ellicott City, MD
Nicknames: Blue La Roo, Blue Bear, Mr. Hippo, Bluey
Good with other dogs?: Yes
Good with cats? yes
Good with children? See description below
Activity Preference: Low maintenance overall but needs quality outside time, Will go with the flow , Champion couch potato

IQ: Has some shining moments
Titan’s favorite things: BELLY RUBS! Blue is on his back for belly rubs more than standing upright…not even joking! He will plop down at your feet and freeze while he waits for belly rubs. Blue is a treat connoisseur, but we’re still trying to figure out his food allergies, so he’s been really enjoying freeze-dried minnows. Just hearing the bag open he’ll bustle upstairs and patiently sit. He also enjoys car rides, other dogs, and walks! After one walk, he is usually ready for a nap
Titan is good at: meeting people, behaving in the house, meeting dogs, staying in a crate, going for car rides, cuddling
Ideal home: a fenced yard, another dog, someone at home most of the day. If not someone home most of the day, we really want him to have a doggie friend.
Training Needs: needs obedience training

Meet Blue

By no fault of his own, Blue came to ABR as an owner surrender and was previously found as a stray. He was definitely in need of some TLC, but his foster mom reports that he has always had a shining, goofy personality, despite any physical discomfort. His skin issues have been clearing up and improving already and he couldn’t be happier.

Blue is an incredibly loving, sweet, and silly boy. He has an incredible personality – it’s hard not to fall in love with him! He is great with cats and dogs alike. In fact, he’s been spotted sharing the bed with the cat in his foster home. His previous owners had a toddler-aged child and reported that Blue did well with them, however, there are no children in his current foster home so he has not been re-evaluated. Blue’s foster mom believes he would do well with children, although, he sometimes jumps out of excitement and is pretty strong.

Blue is the best boy, but he is still learning some basic commands. He comes when he’s called and will sit, but we are still working on “no jumping” and “stay.” Although, he’s usually a cuddly couch potato all day. His foster mom says he LOVES food and will rummage through the trash if it’s not put away, but he believes he’s just fulfilling his life as a foodie and treat connoisseur. Did you miss a crumb while vacuuming? Don’t worry, Blue will sniff it out and take care of it himself.

Everyone who meets Blue says he’s an absolute sweetheart. When his foster dad plays guitar, Blue stares at him absolutely mesmerized – cue: the world’s cutest head tilts! If you’re looking for a cuddly, loving, makes you laugh-til-your-stomach-hurts kind of guy, look no further!