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Weight: 115

Location: New Hope, PA

Nicknames: Beary or Baby Bear

Good with other dogs?: No, must live as only dog but is safe with other dogs away from home.
Bear is not dog aggressive but he doesn’t like sharing his people. As you can see from photos, he really doesn’t care about other dogs unless a person is is paying attention to another dog. He plays through a fence but gets jealous

Good with cats? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with a cat

Good with children? OK for kids over: 10

Activity Preference: Needs in-house activities, Up for a long hike any day., Low maintenance overall but needs quality outside time., Will go with the flow

IQ: Smart

Bear’s favorite things: PEOPLE. He loves every person he meets! He enjoys frozen marrow bones, collagin sticks and snackies but spending time w/people is his fave.

Bear is good at: meeting people, behaving in the house, going for car rides, making me feel safe

Ideal home: a fenced yard

Training Needs: socialization with dogs

Health issues: He had fluid build-up in his elbow from lying on a congrete floor in the shelter. It is slowly going away.

Meet Bear

WE LOVE BEAR!!! He is a joy to be around and will bring sunshine into your life. You can’t have a bad day with him. He is sweet, snuggly and he makes you feel like you are everything. He is funny, he knows sit and give paw and eager to learn more.