Banshee in PA
Banshee in PA
Banshee in PA
Banshee in PA
Banshee in PA
banshee in pa
banshee in pa

Age: ~1
Approximate Weight: 95
Good with other dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: No
Good with children?: Banshee is OK for kids around 6 and older if they are large dog-savvy
Energy Level : Needs daily exercise and needs in-house activity.
IQ: Smart
Nicknames: Cricket
Favorite thing in the world is: Playing fetch with squeaky balls
He is good: On a leash, In a car, At meeting new people, At meeting new dogs, At staying in a crate, At not having accidents in the house
Ideal home would have: Fenced yard, Active owner with lots of exercise opportunities, Another dog
Foster Location: Souderton, PA

Meet Banshee, the super dog!

At 95 pounds of puppy love, he is all gentle kisses and coltish limbs. He is a sweet, good boy who is energetic and eager to please. Since toys are new to him, he is still learning what is and is not a toy, but responds to “sit,” “down,” “leave it,” and “drop”.

His happy places include: galloping around the yard with other playful pups; snuggling with foster Daddy; and chewing his squeaky tennis balls. His ideal home would have another like-sized playful dog with which to to romp around and cuddle.

He is respectful in the house and car and is crate trained, but he wouldn’t be a good fit if family is gone all day as he is still a pup and it wouldn’t be fair to him to sit alone all day.

Banshee just may be the gentle, playful boy to adore you!