Izzy, a beautiful rust colored dogue de bordeaux, sitting facing the camera

Izzy, a beautiful rust colored dogue de bordeaux, sitting facing the cameraDog: Izzy
Age: 3 1/2
Weight: 95
Location: Newtown, PA
Nicknames: Iz Fizz, Fizbo
Good with other dogs?: Yes.
Izzy is living with another dogs and has met many more on walks.
Good with cats? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with a cat
Good with children? Adult only home. No children of any age.

Activity Preference: Overall Izzy is low maintenance, however she does need
quality time outside and would love regular walks and room to run.
IQ: Smart
Izzy’s favorite things: She loves when her foster parents work from home, and she gets to spend time
in the office with them. She is smart and has learned lots of new things, mostly
how to be a part of a family! Izzy loves life and everything it has to offer.
Walks, bones, and especially car rides, just everyday life.
Izzy is good at: behaving in the house, going for car rides, making me feel safe,
walking on a leash, cuddling, playing, following commands
Ideal home: another dog, someone at home most of the day, a fenced yard
Training Needs: socialization with people but she gets better every day.
Health issues: She is very healthy.

Izzy is an amazing companion and friend; she is the best once you get to know her as she does have a little bit of stranger danger. This is getting better with regular training in and outside the home. She is polite in the house, house trained, very quiet unless someone comes to the door. She has a relaxed demeanor and loves just to sleep in her bed or on a couch. Izzy loves to hang out with her people, watch TV (yes, she watches), and occasionally flop on her back for belly-rubs! Although she is often relaxed, she is quite athletic and loves to run around, play with a ball or stick. Izzy walks well on a leash, but will pull strongly at times, especially if she sees a squirrel or animal.

She had a rough start and was left behind at a homeless shelter, then brought to an animal shelter where she was not easily
approachable. She was there for a long time until someone gained her trust. His name was Brian and he is a superhero. He is the reason Izzy is alive, happy and adoptable. Brian also drove Izzy from NC to her foster home in PA. Izzy is an absolute ray of sunshine now, and often gets so excited she is jumping and running around. She is always smiling, happy and lives to be around her people.