Eva <3 cats!

Age: 8-ish yrs old
Weight: 70 pounds
Location: Bridgewater, NJ
Good with other dogs?: Dog selective, Other:.
Does fine with low energy, calm dogs. Does not do well with hyper, yappy or jumpy dogs.
Good with cats? yes
Good with children? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with kids under 10
Activity Preference: Will go with the flow, other: A little arthritic in back legs, so a daily walk should be enough.
IQ: Smart
Eva’s favorite things: Eva loves to carry around a toy and share it with you for a short game of tug or catch. She loves to roll on her back and wiggle on the carpet and enjoys belly rubs and cuddles. In fact, if you pet her, she will stop and hold very still, close her eyes and soak in the love. She adores kisses and cuddles. Eva is a power chewer and will destroy toys in no time but elk antlers keep her occupied for quite a while.
Eva is good at: staying in a crate, behaving in the house, cuddling, playing, following commands
Ideal home: quiet environment, someone at home most of the day, other: someone who can make her their special girl.
Training Needs:
Health issues: If Eva lays on the floor for a while she gets a little stiff. She does better with a comfy bed or sofa.

Meet Eva

Eva is her name but her nickname here is “Easy Peasy Eavie” because she is so low maintenance and just goes with the flow. She’s the first foster in a long line of foster dogs that has not had an accident in the house. As soon as she arrived, I made sure to let her outback in the yard to potty every 2-4 hrs while awake and after two days of that, and watching her foster brother, she learned to sit in front of the door when she wants to go out and if I don’t notice, she’ll give it a quick scratch or a little whine to let me know she’s waiting. I can’t believe someone could move away and leave Eva all alone behind in the house. (Yes, that’s what her last adoptive family did!) She’s so sweet and just radiates pleasure when she gets kisses and cuddles. Occasionally, she’ll push her head up under your hand or arm to show she is ready for some lovin’. If you’re too busy just then, she’ll just go lay down like a little lady with her front paws crossed and wait until you’re ready for her. Other than to do a quick sniff investigation, Eva ignores my two cats. She’s getting to be an older gal, but doesn’t let that stop her from enjoying walks or playing with toys. Getting up on the couch into the car sometimes seems to be challenging to her (probably a touch of arthritis) but she gets there eventually. Eva looks like she might have been a mommy before and she has that disciplinarian side to her personality in that she doesn’t tolerate yappy, high energy, jumpy dogs. She does fine with my mastiff male, who is UBER laid back, but I wouldn’t recommend placing her with any dog that shows a higher energy level. All in all, Eva is very easy to care for, loves to get cuddles and attention from humans, and enjoys a calm, stable environment.

eva-closeup eva-sleeping-alone eva-with-rocco-and-romeo