Weight: 40
Location: Frederick MD
Nicknames: Dutchy, Moaning Myrtle, Trixie
Good with other dogs?: No, must be the only dog in the house.
Dutchy seems ok with other dogs, except she has some resource guarding issues. She guards her food, toys and treats. It is mild, but we feel an only dog home would be best for Dutchy.
Good with cats? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with a cat
Good with children? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with kids under 10
Activity Preference: Low maintenance overall but needs quality outside time., Will go with the flow
IQ: Average
Dutchess’s favorite things: Dutchy’s two favorite things are soft things and treats. She will only lay on a blanket and hunts something soft to sit or lay on. She also is treat motivated and her butt drops through the floor if there is a treat in your hand.
Dutchess is good at: meeting people, meeting dogs, staying in a crate, behaving in the house, going for car rides, walking on a leash
Ideal home: no children, someone at home most of the day, a fenced yard
Training Needs: needs obedience training
Health issues: Dutchy has a peculiar walk. According to the vet, she has some kind of a deformity that does not cause her pain. She also has a wonky ear and is missing 5 teeth due to bad hygiene. None of these seem to be causing her issues now.

Meet Dutchess

Dutchy is one of a kind! She is a very unique gal who is looking for someone to treat her like the Dutchess of Grantham.

Dutchy has had a tough life and it shows at first. We got her and had her spayed and 5 rotten teeth removed. This damaged the trust we had and she took a long time to warm back up to us. I will break down what we know about Dutchy

Dutchy and routines- Dutchy loves a routine. It only takes her a couple of times and she understands what she is supposed to do, and does it like a champ. We would strongly recommend a routine of breakfast, bathroom breaks, feedings, walks etc. This seemed to help her feel at home. I would highly recommend a regimented routine to help her feel at home during her first couple of weeks. Once she has learned the routine it continues until you break her of it. If you always potty after food, she will expect it every time. Routines are key for her to start.

Dutchy and her Mannerisms
Dutchy has some uncanny and odd mannerisms. She has cat-like mannerisms. If she needs attention, she will let you know she needs attention. She has gotten the nickname Moaning Myrtle in our house due to her letting us know she needs something. Her looks and mood are just as funny as she is. She is a dog of many funny looks and moods, you just have to figure out how to read them to know what she needs at that time. If you are willing to put in the work to figure her out, you will be rewarded (with a mouth around your forearm lol).

Dutchy and her resource guarding.
Dutchy does have some issues with resource guarding. It isn’t all the time and you don’t know when she will exhibit these behaviors. One day I can feed her and be in the kitchen with her and all is good. The next day I am not allowed in the kitchen without some growling. She definitely guards toys and chewy treats, which is why we listed her as an only dog. We would be unsure if she guards beds, spots on the floor, etc.

Dutchy and her interaction with other dogs.
Dutchy has met and socialized with our dog and it has gone ok so far. As mentioned early, dutchy has some very peculiar mannerisms that include staring and putting her tail straight up. We took this as a sign of aggression at first, but we are thinking now, it is just Dutchy being Dutchy. That being said, she is never left with our dog unsupervised, even for a minute.

Dutchy and her interactions with us.
Dutchy is not overly loving, nor overly interactive with us. She prefers a nice soft environment where she feels safe. As mentioned earlier we had her 3 days before her spay and tooth extraction, so we broke any trust we had. She is slowly starting to warm up to us, but still prefers to go her own way. She does want to be near you at times, and will cuddle up if allowed. She also will try to put her whole mouth around a part of your body. We don’t allow this behavior, but it does not seem like she is trying to bite or do anything sinister. We refer back to the cat-like behavior of just doing something to do something. Overall she is a funny dog to just sit and watch as she beebops and stumbles across the room.

What Dutchy needs to live her best life.
Dutchy needs a home where she is the only dog, free of kids and has a regimented schedule. She needs someone who is patient and understanding and will provide love when Dutchy requires it. She loves a walk or two a day and enjoys smelling all the things. She is a special little girl who, while odd, is a great companion and will make someone happy.

Don’t let the above scare you. The best way to describe dutchess is to give you an analogy. I’m sure we all know the elderly lady at target who runs over your foot with her electric wheelchair and then makes you apologize because your foot was in her way. Next thing you know, you are sitting having a glass of whiskey with said lady and enjoying your time….that elderly lady is dutchess.