Lulu asking what's up
Adoptable Lulu sitting
Adoptable Lulu stance
Adoptable Lulu sassy
Adoptable Lulu on alert
Lulu with Stink Eye
Lulu asking what's up
Lulu looking at camera from dog bed

Lulu looking at camera from dog bedLulu asking what's upDog:LuluGender: Female
6Weight: 68Location: BaltimoreNicknames: Chonk, Hulabaloo, Downtown Lulu BrownGood with other dogs? She is rather pushy with other dogs. She does not take kindly to corrections. It would be best for her to be an only dog. If other dog was a complete pushover, happy to share all things, etc., that could work. Good with cats? No. Will respond if cat is aggressive towards her. Good with children? noActivity Preference: Low maintenance overall but needs quality outside time, Will go with the flow, Needs regular mental stimulationIQ: AverageLulu’s favorite things: belly rubsLulu is good at: meeting dogs, staying in a crate, behaving in the houseIdeal home: no children, experienced bulldog owner, quiet environment, a fenced yardTraining Needs: socialization with people, leash trainingHealth issues: None known; could use to drop a couple pounds

Meet Lulu

Lulu likes sleeping. Lulu likes running around being goofy. Lulu is a master at the body shake, from booty to nose. She’s a little bit sassy, a little bit full of herself, and, deep down, she wants to please you. When she’s happy to see you, she’ll flop completely over with all four paws in the air for a belly rub or emphatically sit in front of you looking up at you waiting to hear “good girl”.

Lulu has been a very well-behaved house guest. She doesn’t counter surf or get into things she shouldn’t. Anything on the ground, however, is fair game! She can be rather independent, choosing to hang out in her room or her crate, away from others. If you’re on the couch, she will ask for permission to come up and then will give you personal space if that’s what you want.

Her family of 6 years surrendered her saying she was snapping and snarling at people. We have not seen that in her foster home. She is world’s better at meeting people and dogs outside of her territory. There are various easy activities she likes to give her brain stuff to do like dog puzzles, “find it” with treats, and walks where she’s allowed to sniff all the things. Incorporating simple techniques like those have helped with her pushiness and mouthiness. Yes, she will talk back to you if she does not like what you’re telling here. That is, if she is told to stop doing something, she’ll stop but then give you a piece of her mind. It will be important for her forever family to continue exploring ways to give her challenge her mind.

Fortunately she is very treat motivated so it’s easy to keep her occupied if treats are involved. Yet she eats her meals like a dainty princess. 🙂

Because she rolled in here all pushy and stubborn, we want to find Lulu a home with an owner who is experienced with that ‘attitude’ bulldogs sometimes get. She needs positive reinforcement, not aversive techniques. She needs to be shown the right thing to do, not told what not to do.

It’s best if Lulu does not live with other pets. Also, the quieter the household the better meaning few visitors and no kids or teens. She would love to go somewhere that she can have daily, lollygagging walks that gives her ample sniff opportunities, and one that doesn’t expect her to be Miss Welcoming Party to anyone right away. Take it nice and slow with her and you’ll get rewarded with that trusting belly up flop.



Adoptable Lulu sitting Adoptable Lulu stance Adoptable Lulu sassy Adoptable Lulu on alert