Lulu asking what's up
Adoptable Lulu sitting
Adoptable Lulu stance
Adoptable Lulu sassy
Adoptable Lulu on alert
Lulu with Stink Eye
Lulu asking what's up
Lulu looking at camera from dog bed

Lulu looking at camera from dog bedLulu asking what's upDog:LuluGender: Female
6Weight: 68Location: BaltimoreNicknames: Chonk, Hulabaloo, Downtown Lulu BrownGood with other dogs? NoGood with cats? No.Good with children? noActivity Preference: Low maintenance overall but needs quality outside time, Will go with the flow, Needs regular mental stimulationIQ: AverageLulu’s favorite things: treats, car rides, learningLulu is good at: staying in a crate, behaving in the houseIdeal home: no children, experienced bulldog owner, quiet environment, a fenced yardTraining Needs: socialization with people

Meet Lulu

Lulu likes sleeping. Lulu likes running around being goofy. Lulu is a master at the body shake, from booty to nose. She’s a little bit sassy, a little bit full of herself, and, deep down, she wants to please you.

Lulu has been a very well-behaved foster. She doesn’t counter surf or get into things she shouldn’t. Anything on the ground, however, is fair game! She can be rather independent, choosing to hang out in her room or her crate, away from others.

Lulu needs to go very slow with meeting new people. If rushed, she will get nervous and scared. When she finds a new home, it needs to be one that appreciates the need for a decompression/shut down period where Lulu can be ignored until she is comfortable approaching you, and one that understands that over stimulating her in the beginning is not setting her up for success.

She has gone through some private training and was declared a ‘quick learner’ and ‘good at self-regulating’. She’s happiest when her mind is kept stimulated with dog puzzles, snuffle mats, treat training games, and walks where she can do all the sniffs.

It is important that the family for her understands that Lulu needs positive reinforcement, not aversive techniques. She needs to be shown the right thing to do, not told what not to do. She needs some limits set up for her so that she does not have to make her own decisions, especially at first. For example, in the beginning have a room to herself where she won’t feel obligated to come out and socialize before she’s ready and having a crate where she can go to be alone.
It’s best if Lulu does not live with other pets. Also, the quieter the household the better meaning few visitors and no kids or teens. She would love to go somewhere that she can have daily, lollygagging walks that gives her ample sniff opportunities, and one that doesn’t expect her to be Miss Welcoming Party to anyone right away. Take it nice and slow with her and you’ll get rewarded with that trusting belly up flop.



Adoptable Lulu sitting Adoptable Lulu stance Adoptable Lulu sassy Adoptable Lulu on alert