Posted: October 10th, 2012

Life can sure be challenging at times. Everywhere you turn it seems there are obstacles to overcome. It sometimes can feel like there are no good solutions, no one     is listening, or taking the time to care. Then, just when you think it’s over and your world is crashing in around you, it happens, a sign appears. If we believe that   there is good and positive in the world and look for the glimmer of hope amongst the turmoil on the surface, it will prevail. The signs are there, you just have to     look with an open mind and heart. I believe that dogs possess an inate ability to recognize the signs around them. A dog will know when to give you a sign at just    the right time it seems. What are the signs you may ask, how will I know what to look for? The signs can be little things like the touch of a gentle hand, the look of    caring in the eyes of a person who simply listens or the calm presence of a friend who is there for you. It’ll be that person who makes you laugh hysterically with tears in your eyes. The sign can come from a stranger who gives you a smile, or says something kind. For dogs the sign will be in the way they look at you, or offer a warm furry paw for your hand to embrace. It will be in the way he knows the exact moment you need him to  snuggle with you and nuzzle his face against yours while looking so deeply into your eyes. If you look deeply enough he’ll send you signs. We must believe the signs exist and we need to be open to receive them. Although challenging at times, we cannot let the rough patches in life bring us down. When you allow the signs in to smooth away the abrasions and bumps that get in the way you may find yourself with a tearful smile and an awareness at that moment that kindness and compassion does prevail.  Trish

At first glance it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again. MaryAnne Rodmacher


Custom dog bowl stands and dog beds to benefit American Bulldog Rescue

We would like to take the opportunity to tell everyone that our friend Mick has started a transport business. UNDERDOGS TO THE RESCUE is commited to carrying our furry friends to a new life in a safe, loving, clean, climate controlled environment. We pledge to be dependable for the needs of ALL BREEDS. We will be ready to go when you call and promise to be diligent in the quest to save dogs from demise. We travel up the east coast. WE’LL BE THERE. To make arrangements contact  Gail Hey, you can also visit us on facebook!

Cannot Ship This Product To AL, AK, MD, MS, PA, UT or outside the US.
PA orders should be shipped :
c/o Jodi Specter
1748 River Road
Lambertville, NJ 08530

All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, flea, tick and heartworm preventative.

We Need Foster Homes:

Fostering a dog for a rescue group requires commitment. Foster families must be willing to invest time, attention, TLC and offer a safe environment for a dog who is in need. Aside from the day-to-day schedule of feeding, exercise and grooming, some additional responsibilities may be required. Placing a dog in a foster home allows us to assess the dog’s personality and determine the type of permanent home we should be looking at for that particular dog. The foster parent provides love, attention, some basic training (which we help with), and a regular report on how the dog is doing. We are always in need of foster homes because the bottom line is the more foster homes we have available, the more dogs we can help.” American Bulldog Rescue provides food (if needed), supplies and take care of all the medical needs and veterinary costs. You just need to give it a try and you will be hooked! It’s the most rewarding experience to know that you helped a homeless dog find a fantastic family!

Florida: Mama is the wonderful mother of Nemo, Chopper, Polar B, Aggie and Pippa. Mama was actually given a name but everyone just calls her Mama and she seems to know that as her name…lol She is approximately 2 years old and American Bull Dog/Mix. Shes spayed, heartworm negative, and up to date on all of her shots. Mama weighs 101 lbs and is housebroken. She needs some exercise to get her girlish figure back. Mama gets along great with other dogs and loves kids (not sure about cats). She loves to go outside and run, play tag with other dogs, and chase a ball. She is very loyal and loves to be with her humans. Mama is a very affectionate girl, and just a real sweetheart!
FL: Princess Ruby is such a girly girl and loves attention. She loves to give you her right paw, just because. Ruby loves to get her babies and toys and bring them to your lap to play. She will trot daintily to get them and then bounce, got it and very daintily will bring it back t you. Ruby is especially fond of fluffy stuffed animals. She will baby and nuzzle, but sadly this will lead too the demise of the toy as she continues to destroy it, so supervise please. She loves her daily walks and long car rides where she will sit in the seat like a little human just looking out the window. This is very, very important:
Pennsylvania: Benjamin melts my heart! Ben came to us skinny, weak and depressed and I never thought he would find his spirit. Ben must have been eating a poor quality food that didn’t agree with him. He is not eating a good food, he has gained weight and he is HAPPY! He is perfect on a leash, house trained, good with other dogs and he SMILES. He is so happy to be feeling better, his lips quiver, and he shows you all of his teeth and you get a big HUGE smile. When you come home from work, when you wake up in the morning or sometimes even when you say his name you see the happiest face ever. Ben is a love and will need a strict diet for a while but other than that he is the most perfect kid around!  He will need to keep eating Natures Balance Chicken and sweet potato so that he does not have any stomach issues. Other than that he is “Healthy as a Horse” or a small pony! He is a big, goofy ANGEL!
Florida: Mack is a stunning Dogue de Bordeaux at 3 years old and weighing in at 190lbs. He is searching for the right family that can give him the time and attention that he deserves and longs for. He will require a family that has experience and is familiar with Molosser breeds to work with him on his socialization needs; with time, patience and training he will be an amazing boy. He is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and house trained.
Mack loves to have his ears scratched, belly rubbed, daily brushing and his bath time. His favorite toy is a ball that he loves you to throw but doesn’t like to drop it so he can continue playing. Because of his size he tires out very easily and would benefit with small daily walks.  Due to his big boy size he will not be re-homed with small children or small animals.

CT: Kelly is the most heart-felt, giving dog I have ever come across. Like an angel from heaven with wings (You just can’t see them, but she can )!  The first time we came across Kelly, she was in a high kill shelter in New York.  It was clear she had a serious skin condition, and had a cold and a severely runny nose.  To the point it needed to be wiped frequently as mucus poured out of it.  I found it extremely amazing that given the over populated HK shelters she ever made it out given the sick ones are euthanized immediately upon intake, never to be given a chance as no one would ever know they existed.  She is a miracle! Kelly requires a special home who has the time to care for her as she has a long way to go to recovery.  In as much discomfort as she must be in, she gives ten-fold.  She has two doggie siblings, and one human sibling (age 9), and two kitty siblings.  All of which she LOVES!  She will not leave my son alone and looks forward to seeing him.  He tail begins to wag and her whole body wiggles.  She has the best manners. LOVES car rides! Is not food aggressive at all. She has been though hell, and deserves at least that. She is a miracle that she survived the high kill shelter in the condition she was in.   Kelly  deserves a special, loving home with a lot of love.

Pennsylvania: Tica is a Gem! She is house trained, great with other medium and large dogs, she is really well mannered in the house and she is a little doll!!!  She shares her toys with other dogs and takes a lickin without getting offended!
NJ: Blossom is a ten week old female pup, who has a little pep in her step. She loves other dogs and is very playful. She is a little shy, but she then warms up pretty quickly. She is working on crate training and is doing great. She sleeps through the night with no accidents. She is a very sweet girl and just looking for a loving family that will love her forever.
NJ: Pearl is Blossom’s sister 🙂
PA: Juggernut was pulled 2 weeks ago from a high volume shelter in NYC. He is sitting in boarding  dreaming of a foster home!!


Florida: Gabi was an owner surrender in North Carolina- Gabi flew  ti FL with the help of very generous pilot! Gabi is a very healthy, playful dogue who loves people and gets along well with the 3 other dogs here, but now we believe she loves all the attention, so she may be best as an only dog. She is not fond of felines- at all!. She is 3 years old, spayed, up to date on her shots, HW-, on HW preventative, micro-chipped and crate and house trained. She is a beautiful girl with a HUGE personality, she is such a character and will make one lucky family very happy they adopted her. She is a lot of fun to have around and is such an easy going girl. Please fill out an adoption application if you’re interested in adopting Gabi.
Pennsylvania: Lil’ Tundra loves everyone. He is the friendliest guy around. He is house trained, good with other dogs, chickens, pigs, kids and he is adorable! He had a really rough start spending weeks in different hospitals in different states. He was so sick with pneumonia he got from the kennel cough he picked up at the shelter. The vets here in PA didn’t think he was going to make it. He lived in oxygen tanks, IV antibiotics and got a lot of love. He is a happy free spirit (kinda like a”Dead Head”) who will warm your heart.
PA: Miss Cindy Lou Who Cindy is waiting for a Dog savvy family that wont leave her home alone too much. People that are familiar with how this breed’s health is maintained with high quality diet, supplements, grooming and light exersize. Cindy would do best in a home with a comparable size male dog that is calm, submissive in nature. She enjoys the company of dogs and actually opens up faster with other dogs around. It looks like she watches how another dog interacts with new people to show her if everything is okay with them. Trust worthy humans are still new to her. She can be bossy and jealous (with other dogs) at times and would not be a match with a dog that challenges her. She lives happily with two male dogs in her foster home, who let her be the queen. Also a home with no kids is standard practice with adult dogs with no known history. Cindy can get rough during play and mouthy when very excited. This means no plans for kids in her lifetime.
FL: Betty is a big, beautiful, speckled puppy who is evolving into a well-rounded young lady. She is approximately 7 mos. old and like many people who are interesting and captivating, Betty had a rocky start. She was abandoned outside of an asphalt company in Miami and was found covered in oil with two other older dogs – a male and female – who seemed to be friends. Some wonderful, dog-loving people in Miami took them in and bathed them, and Betty found a home in foster. In her foster home she is a sweet, innocent girl who takes gulps from the cup of life. She loves other dogs and enjoys playing with the 5-year-old male Am. pit bull and 5-year-old female AB in her foster home. She’s learning some basic commands and house manners and is waiting patiently for her dream home. She’s housebroken and walks well on a leash. She’s got big paws and a wonderful spirit. She would probably be happiest to go to a home with another dog. She’d be happy to teach your old dog some new tricks.
FL: Nala is a very sweet girl who loves to give kisses! She is very affectionate and has a lovely disposition. She is about 3 years old, playful, funny, affectionate and enjoys clowning around. She adores people and is content to lie at our side and just wag her tail and get belly and back rubs. Nala is very well mannered, and is happy go lucky, just wagging herself around the house. She is up to date on her shots, heartworm negative, spayed and microchipped.She loves being close to us yet likes her crate too. What a good dog she is, just so typical bullmastiff. Nala is hearing impaired, but her hearing may get better as she heals, he came into rescue with very infected and painfully impacted ears, but they have healed up very nicely.
FL: Linda is approximately 2 years old and is spayed, vaccinated and ready for her forever family.  If you want a best friend for life, you’ll get it with Linda or Linnie as I call her. She just loves to be loved and rest her head on your chest. She is very affectionate. Linnie is beautifully house trained!
She will play like a puppy if you have a toy to play with her and loves to go outside with you and waits for her cue to go back in .