Dog: Skynard
Age:  8 yrs (3/30/15)
Weight: 96 lbs
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Nicknames: Skinny
Good with other dogs?:  He mostly ignores them.  After seeing him with a few other fosters who have shared his home, we think he might be happiest being an only dog or with a super laid back, lazy dog.  Skynard basically wants all the attention and all the stuff for himself.
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Unknown so would be best if Skynard was placed in a home without small children.
Activity Preference: Loves walks, playing with stuffys, chewing a bone, also loves being by his foster dad’s side and napping with him
IQ: Average
Favorite things: Meal time, walks, playing with his squeaky toys either alone or with his foster family, being wrapped in his blanket and napping, and being with his foster family especially his foster dad
Good at: meeting people, meeting other dogs, walking on a leash, going outside for potty
Ideal home: fenced yard, has time for playtime and walking,  isn’t gone for a full work day (or have someone come in mid-day for a walk and some playtime)
Health issues: None


Skynard is the official keeper of all things soft!  During the day he works very hard collecting toys, pillows, blankets, sweaters, taking them to his bed upstairs.  He’s a hoarder of sorts.  He will suck on a blanket or pillow sometimes. He’s just precious! Skynard loves his food and takes mealtime very seriously.  At about an hour before he will start to remind you that it’s almost time to eat.  He will go sit by the food bin and stare at you.  Do your best to ignore him.  Do not under any circumstances make eye contact until it is actually time to eat or he will go into a very dramatic dance and whine.   Occasionally, he takes it to the next level and will sit on you.   He has the ability to teleport himself to the kitchen whenever he hears the refrigerator open or a bag crinkle.  You don’t even hear him coming!  He’s just there behind you…watching and waiting.

Skynard loves to be covered.  If you forget to cover him at night, he will tell you about it.  He is a very good boy and goes right out to potty after each meal.  Of course he goes out during the day to potty, investigate around the yard, stare at the sky, and bark at absolutely nothing!  Skynard really loves going for walks!  While he is good on walks, getting him into his harness is like trying to diaper a slippery hairless cat (not that we have any experience doing that) !

While he does like other dogs, he is a bit awkward around them.  He’s kinda like that nervous 14 year old boy asking his crush to dance.   Eventually he relaxes and sometimes looks to play after getting to know the other dog.  However, he does not like to share at all!  He will pout if another dog is playing with “his” toys.  He will take them away from the other dog and hide them.   After seeing him react to a few other dogs who have stayed at his foster home, he did best with either an older dog who sleeps and doesn’t care about toys or a very relaxed lady who also doesn’t give a crap about toys or being first at everything!  Mostly he tries to avoid the other dog and will sometimes head to his room.

He lives with 3 cats and doesn’t try any monkey business with them.

When Skynard hears the outside camera chime he goes into action checking the door and looking out the window.  Is it a person?  Do they have treats?  He is basically a bouncer for his foster home.  Skynard is very friendly and has met lots of people at ABR events and did amazing.

Skynard is 7 years old, about 100-110 pounds, and white with brindle patches.  He’s a good looking boy and such a sweetheart!

The history that we know about Skynard is that he was in a car accident with his owner.  Skynard was not seriously hurt but his owner was  hospitalized.  Apparently, the injuries were severe enough that he was unable to care for Skynard any further.  He was surrendered to a southern shelter. At the time of his surrender, he was flea infested, overweight, overly grown nails, missing a lot of fur, and had ear and skin infections.  The shelter got him all the care he needed to get on the road to good health.  Today he’s looking great with his hair back.  He does have some scarring on his hind legs that are possibility from the accident.  He gets very anxious being in the car.  Maybe some leftover fear from being in a serious accident.  We keep his exposure to the car down to a minimum and make it a fun event giving him treats and talking to him.  It might take some time but he will learn car rides are not scary.

Skynard is in Philadelphia, PA.

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