Rex moments before climbing on my lap

This hunk came into the shelter as Rex.  He was dumped by his owners.  Its okay.  They didn’t deserve him and he doesn’t deserve that boring name they gave him.  Rex has a new life and a new name.  He will now be Rico (Rico Suave) because he is so slick and will immediately steal your heart. He definitely knows his game.
Rico is 3 years old and just a stunning love muffin.  Photos do not do him justice at all.  Actually, he’s very camera shy and as soon as you bring out the camera he puts his ears back, turns his head and just has this horribly sad face.  In reality, he is absolutely stunning and can’t give you his paw enough.  Rico will crawl into your lap every opportunity he gets and he is HEAVY!  He has feet the size of a small pony and a heart the size of the moon. But if you get this boy riled up and egg him on to play rough, I promise, you’re going down.  Rico has no idea how big his is and when he gets running, he can’t put the brakes on fast enough.  My suggestion, treat him like the gentleman he is and show him respect and NO rough housing.  You will lose.
Rico is impeccably trained and all he wants to do is please you.  But we do not recommend Rico to a family with small children.  He’s a big guy.  He needs older and knowledgeable children. Rico also has a prey drive so no cats or anything else that may run.  He loves to chase!

Rico is neutered, vaccinated and heart worm negative and looking for his forever home! Rico is currently in Tampa, FL.
If you are interested in giving Rico his forever home, please submit an adoption application.  Please note, NO ONE will be considered without first submitting an adoption application.

ABC Action News features Rico (video): http://www.abcactionnews.com/news/local-news/rescues-in-action-feb-21-2016-help-rico-suave-find-forever-home




Rico on Pam_2

Rico 2-28-16_1



Rico 12-3-15

Rico Fireplace

Rico Fireplace 2

Rex moments before climbing on my lap
Rex 9-5-14 has landedRex car rideRex relaxing 9-5-15