Lulu Belle

Lulu striking an impressive pose from the chair at night

Age: 7
Weight: 65Location: Baltimore, MDNicknames: Hulabalooloo, ChonkerGood with other dogs?: NoGood with cats? She can live with a dog savvy cat. She stays away from the resident cat. Good with children? No, needs an adult-only homeActivity Preference: Moderate and thrives with inhouse activitiesIQ: SmartHer favorite things: Back scritches, opening wrapped gifts (even if they are empty boxes), car rides Lulu is good at: training (learning new things), catching treats in the air, going for walks

Applicant Requirements: Previous dog ownership experience (as an adult), experience with fearful dogs, a quiet, adult-only house


Lulu is the best home office co-worker! She enjoys lounging nearby during the work day and is happy to listen to you complain about your remote co-workers all you want.

Lulu is a bit of a special girl and will need a special, understanding person or family. Please hear us out! Despite her quirks, she is a good girl who can bring comfort and love to the right home.

Miss Belle needs time to trust a new person and adjust to new surroundings. Meeting new people is not her strong suit. She wants to be that happy-go-lucky, friendly dog type then gets spooked. Anyone meeting her needs to ignore her until she makes a move to sniff you out. Understandably, this can be a challenge for people but she rewards those who are patient. In her foster home, it took about 4 days before she approached her foster mom to get any attention. Now? She sometimes gets so excited seeing her foster mom that she flops down, rolls over, and her butt will wiggle back and forth in the upward dog position. It’s pretty adorable.

Before or after the work day, she is up for a leisure walk with lots of sniffing. Ready for some after work shenanigans? She’ll beat you at any game of “find it” as long as what you’re finding is a dog treat, and she’s a whipper snapper with figuring out new doggie puzzles. She’s up for any adventure requiring car travel. Even better if she can ride up front and co-pilot but she will settle for the back seat.

This full figure girl is pretty much a one or two person kinda dog. She likes her circle of people. No need for lots of people doting on her. Although she cannot live with another dog, she has not been leash reactive when seeing dogs on walks.

She is an easy-care dog. She is healthy, doesn’t have allergies, and needs minimal grooming.

Lulu sitting in a deck chair Lulu on a walk looking back at the camera Lulu at the top of the steps, laying down, wrinkles everywhere

Lulu standing at the porch monitoring neighborhood activity Lulu looking up at me because I stopped scratching behind her ears Lulu striking an impressive pose from the chair at night