Dupree Layne

Dupree Layne

MEET DUPREE… Dupree is a loving and gentle giant affectionately known as our dairy cow. She’s full of smiles, love, and silliness, and is dying to share it with everyone! She will always greet you with a smile and a big wiggle.

She loves to play with the kids and doesn’t mind if they want to climb on her. As long as they are entertained she is happy.

Sofa loaf, loves kids, loves playing with toys, enjoys walks, very easy going, will talk back when you tell her no…very cute, lets you know when she needs to go out, is happy as long as you’re happy.

Age: 3
Weight: 120
Location: Land O Lakes, Fl
Nicknames: Urpy, Dupree Layne, dairy cow
Good with other dogs? Yes, if introduced correctly
Good with cats? No
Good with children? Yes! She is the nana dog!
Activity Preference: Medium, she loves going for walks.
IQ: Catches on to training quickly and will talk back just like a spoiled child 😉
Dupree’s favorite thing: Laying on the sofa getting a belly rub
Dupree is good at: meeting people, meeting dogs, staying in a crate, behaving in the house, going for car rides
Ideal home: she would do best with no cats and would love to be around children big or small. She’s a gentle giant that will demand as much love as she gives.
Training needs: leash training to not pull
Health issues: none