Bucks County, PA

Nicknames: Daze, Daisy Dukes




Good with other dogs: yes

Good with cats: unknown

Good with children: OK with kids over 10

Activity: needs a couple walks, needs in house activities

IQ: Smart

Favorite things: chasing balls, chewing antlers, going for walks, meeting new people and dogs, and belly rubs

Good at: meeting people, meeting dogs, staying in a crate, going for car rides, walking on a leash, playing

If I could handpick the perfect home for this particular dog, it would have: another dog, someone at home most of the day, a fenced yard

Training needs: obedience training

Health issues: possible food sensitivity or allergies

Food: Nulo Limited Ingredient Turkey Recipe

Daisy is a sassy spitfire of young bulldog love. She would do best in a home with a fenced yard, another dog to play with, and someone home most of the day. She has done well with crate training, too. Daisy may have a food sensitivity and was switched to a limited ingredient, pea-free food about a week into foster care. She has done great ever since! She will sit obediently and wait for her food at meal times, but she could use some extra obedience training. She is mostly house – broken, but could use some reminders. Daisy does really well meeting new people and dogs; she is submissive and lays right down for most new people she sees. Her favorite hobbies are tugging, chasing balls, and chewing on her antler chew. Her favorite sleeping position is snuggled up next to her person and rolled over on her back – perfect for extra belly rubs!