This amazing hunk of a bulldog will be the best friend ever! Brutus is fostering in Tampa, FL and his foster home just loves him. Brutus is 5 years old and vaccinated, neutered and ready for his forever family. We would love to find a bully knowledgeable family that will spoil him rotten for the rest of his life! He deserves nothing but the best.

Brut has impeccable house manners (but very sloppy) and is very well trained on voice commands and leash. Brutus is left for short periods (4-5 hours) with something to keep him busy and he has behaved like a total gentleman. But, stuffed toys should be thrown out. He loves them a little too much and will destroy them in minutes. This could lead to obstruction surgery so we highly recommend Kong toys only.

He is living with cats and is respectful but every now and then he wants to play with them. Due to his size, I don’t think he would make a good playmate for cats. I don’t believe he would hurt a cat unless he unexpectedly lands on one. This will be a decision for the new adopter to make if they own cats.

Unfortunately, Brutus is too much for young children and will be fine with children over 10 years of age. There is not a mean bone in his body but ….his social graces are terribly lacking.

Brutus lacks social skills when meeting other dogs and one day it will get him in trouble. He just bulldozes himself and dogs don’t like it. If they run, he will chase thinking its a game. Sadly, he just doesn’t understand that he won’t make friends this way. He’s a little bit obnoxious and inappropriate (unintentionally) when meeting other dogs and this could be misinterpreted by other dogs and could lead to a spat. Therefore, Brut should probably be an only dog or have a bully experienced home to integrate him properly. He is AMAZING with other small dogs and medium dogs but just for walks as he could easily squish a small dog (again, totally unintentionally) when he gets to romping. He just doesn’t know his size and its sad…..he just wants a friend but doesn’t know how to make friends properly.

Note: Brut loves his meals so dogs or cats should not interrupt his meals. This is easily controlled as Brutus eats alone and all bowls are picked up before he comes back. All dogs should have their space when eating. Would you want someone breathing down your neck while you’re enjoying a meal?

If you are interested in giving Brutus his happily ever after, please submit an adoption application at so we can see if he/she would be a good fit for you and your family. It is our policy at American Bulldog Rescue not to place the same gender dogs in a home. Adoptions are most successful and harmonious with opposite genders. Please also note: No one will be considered without first submitting an adoption application. Our dogs are in homes and only approved adopters can meet them. Once approved, you can meet any dog.

Brutus (video #1):

Brutus (video #2):