Location: Perkaise, PA

Nicknames: Wiggles, Baby Aya

Good with other dogs?: Yes.  Aya gets along with her foster brother Remus. She will initiate play and seems to enjoy his company in general. She shows interest in meeting other dogs.

Good with cats? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with a cat

Good with children? No. Aya would do best in a home with adults.

Activity Preference: Low maintenance overall but needs quality outside time. She’s good with a short walk….she’s generally not going anywhere fast thou!

IQ: Smart

Aya’s favorite things: treats and bones (she will need space and supervision with a bone around another dog)

Aya is good at: meeting dogs, staying in a crate, behaving in the house

Ideal home: another dog, can be an only dog as well, a fenced yard

Training Needs: socialization with people, needs obedience training

Health issues:  We’ve recently discovered that Aya has some acid reflux issues.  She gets a over the counter, generic Pepcid every morning.  Hasn’t had any issues since.  Also, the weather does seem to affect her.  She gets consquin on a daily basis to help with this.

Meet Aya: Aya is a 6 year old female Cane Corso Mix with a beautiful black brindle coat.  This girl has had a rough go up until she came to us, so it does take her a while to warm up to new people. She’ll need a home that’s pretty low key which is why we suggest no children. Sudden movements tend to scare her. Once she trusts you thou, she will love you to pieces! Just the mention of her name and that tail starts wagging!! All Aya really wants is someone to pet her forever (when you stop she paws at you to continue) and maybe take her for a walk. She is pretty low maintenance overall. She will be so excited when you get home that her whole body wiggles! And generally just needs a nice stroll up and down the block. Otherwise she’s content to just sit in whatever room you are in.
Aya does well with her foster brother, Remus, and seems interested in meeting other dogs. She would most likely do best with a larger male that is confident and calm. Aya hasn’t had much interest in toys or playing fetch but will sit happily chewing on a bone. While she isn’t the biggest fan of any kind of grooming (i.e. bath, ear cleaning, nail trim) she will let you do those things without a struggle. It helps that she gets a treat after!!
Overall Aya is one of the sweetest girls out there….you just have to give her a chance!!

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